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[IC] VU93 -- October -- SRMs 04-01 through 04-04 and CMP 2011 Missions

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Ok, we're assuming events from SRM missions through 04-04 and the 2011 CMPs have now happened.  Beware of spoilers if you plan to play any of these in the future, and remember to avoid "claiming" any missions, since multiple players run them.  But the events, and fallout, are now live for Missions and VU93.  Have fun.

>>>>[Well, it's been a busy few months in the shadows, to say the least.  I feel like I've talked to a hundred different runner teams.  I really must be getting old, 'cause I feel like I've given the same job out dozens of times.  Ahh well, fraggit.  Do this long enough, and everything blurs together anyway, ya know?
     So the big deal is Prop 23, aka Project Freedom.  The ORC has finally managed to get it's movement on the ballot.  Of course, now this just makes us a target for the bigots in office.  Already been some crazy drek going down.  if you attended any of the downtown Rally's, you'll know what I mean.
     And this artifact rush nonsense.  Ghost, I never imagined it would generate this much biz.  Magic skulls, bags of magic obsidian rocks, books and tomes, magic fraggin' swords.  I feel like I'm stuck inside a game of Dawn of Atlantis here.
     So how's the biz been treating you lately?]<<<<<
     -- Bull (16:05:30/10-08-73)     

>>>>[Slogging through the bile that is political workings for the politicos I like, still a dirt that never washes away.  Every damned election.  Hope that you'll be happy to hear that I'm supporting politicos that are for Prop 23 "up" here, Bull.  Damn well time we finally get all of Seattle together at last.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (19:40:00/10-08-73)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
>>>>[Good god.  What kind of idiots have you got down there, Bull?  Who the hell is pushing this Prop 23 thing, and how quickly can you make them disappear??  If you get this thing passed, your lot are dead in the water.]<<<<<
     -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (22:34:06/10-11-73)

>>>>[Bull has his own reasons for helping the ORC with Prop 23, none of which is my business to spill. Needless to say, Prop 23 is ballzy on many levels. Yeah, it'll force the Seattle government to recognize the Underground and treat it, and orks in general by proxy, with equality. Sounds great in theory, but the problem with being treated equal with the rest of Seattle is that the rest of Seattle is being treated like shit. I'm honestly suprised that the ORC was able to get this thing on the ballet, becasue if Prop 23 succeedes, then it will be open season for KE down there. And I don't think that everyone in the underground will be as happy as the ORC with any new found equality. Not to mention that Brackhaven or his ilk could use it as a prime reason to "ensure security". This election is gonna be hot; almost glad I only visit Seattle nowadays.]<<<<<
     -- Bravo Six (14:39:08/10-21-73)


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