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>>>>["The assassin." Interesting when one's entire life is summed up in a word. Like "traitor" or "monster."

I will play your little game, however, since you obvious know more about the New Revolution than anyone else here. This briefing on Daviar suggests that Reed was the mentor in their relationship, which tends to be the way dynamics remain in these situations. However, he took on the protege role with Surehand and then turned on the High Prince, so who's to say what the relationship between Reed and Daviar became when Dunkelzahn entered the picture. For all we know, she played him like a harp, exploiting whatever relationship they had. It's not as if he had one once he moved to Portland. Maybe he assumed he would just outlive her human toy.

Oh, and your little adventure in Chicago was a hoot.]<<<<<
Riser (23:04:35/9-29-73)

Hestaby, p 128, 1st column, after Kay St. Irregular's shadowcomment
>>>>>[That reminds me, that meeting was priceless. DF security were pissed as it was a nightmare to deal with the media while organizers were trying to keep their cool. I had a good laugh at that one.]<<<<<
Smiley (05:57:33/9-30-73)

>>>>>[And of course it wasn't a coincidence that Knight Errant "backup" happened to be nearby. Ever since Daviar returned KE has invaded the neighborhood around the Draco Foundation like an invading army. I'm sure Damien Knight would be heartbroken if something else happened to his "dear friend."]<<<<<
Hard Exit (12:24:35/09-30-73)

Sticks, p.67, after Sticks second shadowcomment
>>>>>[I'll have to say that really depends on which contracts you take. I won't talk for Riser here, but doing wetwork most of the time I take a job myself, I like to think that the streets are better off without most of the scumbags I take out. Most of them, well, I guess I'm no saint either.

Oh and since I'm at it. I still owe you a bottle of rhum Riser. Remind me never to make a bet with you ever again.]<<<<<
Smiley (20:23:50/09-30-73)

Rigger X, p.56, 2nd column, end of page
>>>>>[I don't begrudge Genzo for being ruthless. However, he is an idiot. What men (and they're always men) like he fail to understand is that metahumans are not pragmatic, and consequences are aggregate and long in coming. I understand that JackPoint counts Kane among their number, a man who once personified the "guns blazing, kill everything that moves" school of running. Yet he is also clever enough to understand human nature, and people. It isn't his most stellar moment, but one noteworthy example that comes to my mind is when he gained the favor of hundreds of factory workers in Africa while stabbing his opfor in the metaphorical eye. The man is wanted across half the post-industrial world and by most megas and yet celebrates unmolested with his fellow F1 owners in Monaco. He knows how to play the game, and with whom to play it.
     Genzo on the other hand is going to get fucked sideways, pardon my language, the same way every other person like him has or will. Because eventually the metahumans he is forced to deal with ... won't. And people like me who are hunters of men like him will exploit that and kill him. And no one will care, no one will miss him, and the runners who aren't as narrow-minded and foolish are the ones who live to see retirement.
     Oh, and Kane ... You-Know-Who sends his regards.]<<<<<
Brighid (19:49:32/10-01-73)


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