[IC] Street Legends -- VU93 Jackpoint Additions

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Kellan Colt, p. 31, first column, second paragraph, about footage of the fight between Kellan and Orion

>>>>>[I have looked over this footage several times now and I still cannot determine what style they are using. It does not look as though either had any formal training in any style I am familiar with. Orion seems to be wired, an adept, or ensorceled (or perhaps all three). Your average individual just does not move at that speed without a little something extra.]>>>>>
     -- Shrike (07:50:25/03-24-74)

Kellan Colt, p. 31, first column, after Netcat's comment

>>>>>[Agreed, although I feel there are extenuating circumstances.}>>>>>
     --Shrike (07:51:36/03-24-74)

Lugh Surehand, p. 138, 2nd column, after Frosty shadowcomment
>>>>>[I heard through the branches that someone else beat them to it. But if Frosty seems to imply that everyone is still looking, I guess it's safe to assume that's bullshit.]<<<<<
Smiley (05:44:24/10-02-73)

Lugh Surehand,  p. 138, second column, after Smiley's comment

>>>>>[Smiley is correct. I spoke to a reliable source who ran with a team looking for this particular artifact. After a long and harrowing chase, they caught up with the bearer and took the Sextant from him in Hong Kong. He seemed almost happy to be rid of it (hysterically so), babbling about how the artifact was cursed. He dismissed his words and began their return journey. From the moment they took the Sextant until they placed it into the hands of their employer, they were plagued by "freak" accidents. Their rigger lost an arm when a stray fringe got caught in his roto-drones rotors. Their street samurai's gun jammed and suffered a catastrophic failure sending the slide through his left eye into his brain killing him instantly. Vehicles they knew had plenty of fuel ran dry or suffered "one in a million" accidents costing them precious time either fixing them, or finding alternate means of transportation. By the time they made it back to Seattle, only 2 of their 8 man crew was left.. Is the Sextant cursed? Are these artifacts worth the money (and trouble) to go after? Make up your mind for yourself. As for me, my answer is no.]>>>>>
     -- Shrike (00:59:14/03-24-74)

Edited tense and perspective
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