[IC] Conspiracy Theories -- VU93 Jackpoint Additions

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Read this thread for rules before posting here!

IC discussion about the book Conspiracy Theories.  Have fun!


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A Great Dragon Civil War?, p. 29, 1st column, commenting on In Memory of Elliot Eyes-of-Wyrm
>>>>>[I really ain't looking forward to that funeral. I've been told there's going to be a few big names attending Elliot's funeral though. I didn't know the guy was that connected.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (05:54:22/12-12-73)

A Great Dragon Civil War?, p. 29, 2nd column, after first paragraph
>>>>>[I won't pretend to know Hestaby very well but if I know her just a little, I'm pretty sure she didn't fall for this "German rifle, it's Lofwyr for sure!" theory. Her beef with Saeder-Krupp's mastermind, if she has any, is most probably based entirely on something else. The timing is also very odd. She surprised pretty much everyone on this planet with her speech at the UN. She played the whole thing fairly close to the chest and very few people knew exactly what she intended to say at the UN. And in about a minute after the speech Elliot is shot, an assassination that undoubtedly took at least a few hours to plan and an hour to execute. So unless it's a coincidence, someone knew what she was going to say at the UN and a plan was set in motion to eliminate Eliot at this exact moment. Why just after the speech, like within minutes? If this is punishment, it doesn't have to be that quick. The shooting might not even be related to the speech at all.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (06:32:09/12-12-73)

Human Nation, p. 52, 2nd column, 3rd Paragraph (Infertility problems)
>>>>>[Dante's Inferno? Club Penumbra? Seriously?! Great, now I'll have to see my doc to make sure everything's fine down there. I better not be shooting blanks cause heads are going to start rolling on the floor!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (07:00:31/12-12-73)
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« Reply #2 on: <12-17-11/2030:38> »
Known Active Hives, Page 35, 2nd Column, at end

>>>>>[I'd heard rumors about the New Orleans hive in my last trip down there. Didn't do any digging, myself. There's a difference between asking the spirits of ancient warriors to guide my blade, than giving up my soul to a bug. I did, however, leave evidence that I was going to be setting up shop in that area, just in case the bastards who are still looking to put a bullet in me stop by. Maybe they'll take some bugs out before getting slaughtered.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (20:06:34/12-17-73)

Bug Spirits: The Next Generation, Page 41, 1st column, after Bull shadowcomment

>>>>>[So super-bugs. That's just frakking wonderful. Ares and the other megas need to get their acts together and stamp out this nonsense before it gets out of hand. Only good bug is a dead bug. The things are worse than blood mages and toxics combined. And at least the damn Shedim wait until you're already dead to take you over!]<<<<<

--Iceblade (20:09:34/12-17-73)
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>>>>>[No, they don't.]<<<<<
—Brighid (02:44:02/12-22-73)

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A Great Dragon Civil War?, p 28, Bottom of 1st Column, responding to Cosmo's comment

>>>>>[ General-metahuman-friendly does not mean specific-metahuman-friendly.  I'm informed that before his retaliatory actions against Aztlan, Sirrurg had specific targets.  He may not have cared about collateral damage (obviously), but he did not just wreck things and kill people for gits and shiggles. Dunkelzahn, and all the other Great Dragons, agreed with his selection, at least to the point of not interfering with him. ]<<<<<
          -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (19:00:00/12-28-73)
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A Great Dragon Civil War?, p 32, Bottom of 2nd Column

>>>>>[For the record, I was on a self-improvement astral kick during that time and had nothing, not-a-thing, to do with this. Biting metahumans, drek no, not my style. I should note something significantly missing from this report: no mention of any of the dead having been affected by flame or other dragon-breath.

I'm rather worried about being swept up on any of the sides in this conflict. One thing to get offered a job, another thing to get drafted, or get taken out by pre-emptive self-defense. Gotta leave the cave sometime, though.]<<<<<
--TekDrake (22:59:30/06-03-74)
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