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[IC] Virtual Underworld 93-Gone South

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>>>>>[San Antonio. That's on the edge of Azzie turf, isn't it? I have little desire to go there even if things remained quiet.]<<<<<
     -- Operator (18:47:23/4-26-73)

>>>>>[Yeah.  It's south Texas, in the occupied chunk.  Hence my comments about ordnance and bad guys.]<<<<<
     -- Vice (20:05:29/4-26-73)

>>>>>[Augh. Who el8*%| trying to find him? I have a trace, but I've got hammered before i found it. There are mad IC #;l over the place, and I'm o,0*ously not good en)*&h to handle six of them. Anyone? Just ping me, and I'll \}nd you what I have. While I still can. I think I'm &9ing to puke... God, I (^ate neurafl flee&^hack phain...]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (22:22:22/4-26-73)

>>>>>[I'm up for lending a hand. Just got done tweaking some upgrades just the way I like it.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Relay what you've found, and I'll see what I can do to keep things moving while you do a little recovering.

Think I'll leave the sim module locked in a drawer, though.]<<<<<


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