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>>>>>[On that note let me make a small explanation, one of my current runners is a rigger that is not only terrific at close air support but enjoys doing it. Tank Girl is one of a kind let me tell you, and i have seen to it that she has access to quite a few customized toys so that she can do her work. She is supposed to be sending me a copy of some of her cockpit voice recorder logs and as soon as i get them i will put them up. Note though that i WILL do editing to protect persons who should not be labelled as who they are so while the actions will be accurate, the names involved will not always be.]<<<<<
 -- Wolfgar(15:49:30/05-15-73)

>>>>>[Two things.

1)  Love a girl who gives good Close Air.

2)  Why give away anything about how all y'all did what you did?  Even changing names and faces is risking someone's life.]<<<<<
 -- Vice(14:45:37/05-17-73)

>>>>>[No sense trying to hide a bomb once it's already gone off. All I am confirming is what the enemy already knows, and thankfully because of operational security parameters established months ago, what  the enemy currently knows will be the only thing they WILL know. And frankly, it ain't much, Gods willing. That a guarantee? Nothing ever is. Can they try and use this to track me and my own down? Maybe, but I doubt the SysOp here and others in my employ will make it that easy. And if they do come? Thats the risk of what we do, every time we post anything in places like this. But at the risk of sounding melodramatic or overly sentimental for a moment; those who went in with me were some of the bravest, most decicated, determined, and somewhat insane bunch of ass-kickers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. We did a service for the world that day, period, and I can say that without ego or prejudice. I owe it to those who gave the final sacrifice to say something about what they did. They deserve that much.]<<<<<
 -- Bravo Six (08:59:11/05-18-73)

>>>>>[Don't get me wrong.  I agree that since they signed the blank check, the people they left behind deserve to know what it bought.  That goes double when Aztlan is trying so hard to deny that anything happened.  I just didn't think you'd want anyone else knowing how you all did what you did.

Kind of makes me miss having something to believe in.  It was a weird morning when I woke up and realized I was doing what I do for the simple pleasure of doing it well.]<<<<<
 -- Vice (11:58:26/05-18-73)

>>>>>[Mr. Vice, the persuit of perfection in one's endevours is a worthwile persuit in itself. Alutristic aspirations such as honor, justice, etc have their place and can be quite powerful, but in the end it depends on the individual person to find their own motivations. And on the subject of motives, knowing what I do of Mr. Bravo, I would not be suprised if what has been already stated is again part of a larger operation of misdirection. Take that for what you will.]<<<<<
 -- Damian (20:31:38/05-18-73)

>>>>>[Damian, if I didn't know YOU better, I'd swear you're calling me a liar. *grin* Oh, and Vice, you said something earlier about "jaguar hunting". If you're willing to travel, I still have contacts with work that needs doin'. Party is far from over.]<<<<<
 -- Bravo Six (21:35:49/05-18-73)


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