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>>>>>[Got this info from a freelance reporter friend of mine from Dallas who works the CAS/Aztlan boarder.
-Hey Sunni! Things are starting to heat up around San Antonio, at least unofficially. Neither the CAS nor the Aztlan government has any official comment.  Sources in the CAS military say they have "noted" several groups of, shall we say, "ex"-military and para-military types (and their toys, LOTS of toys) have been gathering along the CAS/Azzie boarder a mere 60 kilometers, give or take from good-old San-An. This includes a small fleet of aircraft ranging from drones, to ultra-lights, to T-birds. I've also heard that the networks in the San-An area are on fire with incursions, blatant attacks against Azzie assets, and lots...I mean LOTS of snooping. Code is being slung on both sides like mud during an election. And the Azzies aren't just twiddling their thumbs. A lot of troops lead by “security specialists” has been seen deployed in high-threat areas and patrolling near the border on "training exercises", despite their need near Columbia. I'm no tactician, but it seems like something's getting ready to pop and it's gonna be BIG. I'll feed you more as soon as I can. Don't forget, you owe me at LEAST a bucket of your famous fried chicken for this. -Chuck ]<<<<<
 -- Sunni Daze (12:34:46/ 04-29-73)

>>>>>[I'm out of commision for a week. Yes I am typing this through AR gloves. Crap. At least my employers didn't give a damn that I do dangerous stuff like this in my free time. They're starting to weird me out, I feel like they're trying to let me be involved, because they can't...
Drake, Vice, what did you find from my info? I left an Agent to rely it to anyone interested from this, and two other networks, you should have received the info.
Damn, my head hurts when I stare at ARO's. And they plugged my 'jack "for medical reasons". Ugh. I feel awful... I might be addicted to HotSim, I think.]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (15:30:00/4-29-73)

>>>>>[Sorry to hear that, 'Sayer. But I know the feeing about being out of it. I had to grab Damian and take a "vacation" from Seattle. Too many folks made me offers I had to refuse. But, at least I can keep busy with this. Unfortunately, I still haven't heard anything specific about Bravo OR his company. If he wasn't so good at going off the grid, I'd swear he was already dead. But we have a saying in the detective biz, "ain't dead until you see a body."]<<<<<
 -- Sunni Daze (13:15:03/ 04-29-73)

>>>>>[Didn't dig up anything new.  Then again, if the system made us that trackable, would any of us actually be using this thing?  I may have to make a trip down to Texas to see if I can bullshit my way into Dyess and get a better idea what the hell is going on.  Hate to miss out on opening day of jaguar season.

When are you headed down there, Sunni?]<<<<<
     -- Vice (17:21:48/4-29-73)

>>>>>[Already in motion, but I have a few personal stops to make. Depending on what happens, I may or may not come to Texas. Normally, when the shooting starts, I get my pretty-little head down. Damian is the one who's paid to shoot back. *smile*]<<<<<
 -- Sunni Daze (21:23:03/ 04-30-73)


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