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WAHOO!!!, Tank Girl here, that makes it TG 8 Azzies ZERO Ha ha. I swear those fraggers never knew what hit them. Oh and readiness drill "accidental crash" "malfunction" my electronic but, I swatted those birds good. Don't listen to what the Azzies say, they lie about what they had for breakfast, and i know what they had the poor bastards, i was watching the entire time they were eating.

An Urban Brawl feud spilled onto the Redmond Way overpass today during peak traffic on Seattle's highway 520.  While Seattle's own enigmatic star heavy, Der Kompressor was driving into touristville on his signature motorcycle, the massive CATAPULT (Computer Assisted Troll Assault Personal Utility Land Transport,) long-time rival and noted Banger for the Cleveland Chaos Desmond "Foggy" Smith repelled down onto a delivery vehicle in front of him and began firing on him with a submachine gun.  Der Kompressor responded by accelerating his bike into the back of the delivery truck, slicing it in half all the way up to the driver's compartment.  Foggy managed to jump free before the mangled truck began to cartwheel down the highway, eventually coming to rest straddling the railings.  Foggy continued to fire on Der Kompressor until he was out of bullets, at which point the unfazed Troll grabbed the smaller Fomori gunner, Foggy, and managed to subdue him with the aid of some security-minded citizens.  It's unclear what might have provoked such an altercation, but Der Kompressor is wanted for questioning regarding the destruction of the vehicle.  When questioned, his lawyers said the dangers to his person were too high for him to remain at the scene of the accident.

Vendetta Violent:

Newsnet, Inc: "Legendary Rocker, Taylor Hardline, Dead at 63"
It has been confirmed that Taylor Hardline was pronounced dead by Docwagon representatives at 7:36 P.M, just hours before he was to commence his sold-out show in Seattle.  Many details have yet to be confirmed at this time.  There are rumours that Mr. Hardline was murdered backstage, but Knights Errant investigators are telling us at Newsnet that it is too early to determine exactly what happened.  However, we have interviewed several witnesses from the scene, and what they reported to us seems to confirm the theory, that Mr. Hardline was in fact murdered:

Selma Joyce, 23: "I had just finished preparing a platter of...various delicacies...for Mr. Hardline and his bodyguards when I saw a strange man walking around backstage.  I went to ask who he was, but it was like he just disappeared."

Romo Dorien, 38: "I was here on behalf of Riot Blue, acting as their security, and I can tell you that no one came or left through the back doors of the venue.  I would also like to point out that my employers, Riot Blue, were unharmed."

Nicky Valentine, 19: "I was backstage because I was told there would be all sorts of wild drek happenin there, when I saw a few dead trolls lying around.  I thought to myself something like this: 'Self, this is deep drek, you gotta preserve that sweet ass of yours... so I took off through the front gates of the venue like a flash."

After the show was cancelled, thousands of fans waiting outside the Psychedelic Pirate vented their frustration through some small-scale rioting and looting in the surrounding area.  Knights Errant reports that there were some injuries sustained by citizens caught in the middle of this violence.  EVO has announced that all credits will be refunded to all citizens with a valid S.I.N. by contacting EVO with their commlink information.  Newsnet will provide additional details as they become available.   

>>>>>[ Wiz. Don't know who thought it'd be a thrill to surface this article. Look, I've been over this. The guy who got Hardline was the kind of guy who could snap a troll over his knee and who walks more quiet then a ghost. Us? We were just trying to make it. That gig cost me my shot at the big time. It wasn't Riot Blue. ]<<<<<
     -- Vendetta Violent (03:42:51/02-01-76)

>>>>>[ What the frag?!?!?!  Taylor Hardline is dead?!?!?!  Man, I remember when he first came on the scene.  He really kicked hoop on stage back then.  Hey, Vendetta, you need some help fragging this slitch, drop me a line. ]<<<<<
     --Nightmare (12:03:45/02-28-76)

+++Ancients steal prototype weaponry in Tacoma, Warehouse security questioned+++"Heaven's Gate" Hospital under a terrorist attack, over dozen dead or missing+++Investigation of the recently vanished GreenEarth water purification facility postponed+++
The area behind the reporter is full of debris, firefighters and police officers.

"Tom, I'm standing outside the Heaven's Gate hospital In Downtown Seattle. an hour ago a small aircraft, believed to be an Artemis Nightsky hit the face of the building and exploded."

The camera zooms away from the rather sheepish looking human man and moves up, zooming in on the uppermost floors of the massive skyscraper. There's a smoking hole in the wall of the building, along with cracks, spider webbing, surface damage and missing windows in a fifty meter radius on the outer wall.

"This does not seem to be a regular flight accident. The craft was did not take off on any airport legally. The craft was apparently unmanned and rigger-controlled. The resulting explosion caused by this collision shows that the plane was filled with explosives."

The camera focuses back onto the man. A pair of paramedics are patching up someone's arm on the background.

"The explosion reached deep inside the administrative offices and magical research sections of the hospital. Along with the loss of atleast a dozen employees and atleast a hundred injured, the repairs will be atleast a million nuyen according to experts. Thankfully the attack was aimed at the uppermost floors instead of the main hospital floors."

"According to a statement issued directly after the event, the man in charge of the Hospital, Damon Akroyd, had this to say."

a smaller window pops up in the upper right corner of the camera and quickly zooms up to fill the whole screen, showing a somewhat overweight, bald human man. His face is red and his mouth is open in an angry shout as the sound comes on.


The video disappears to show us the bland-looking human.

"No organization has come forward to take responsibility of this event and it is assumed to be caused by Shadowrunners. The event has caused a stir in demands of more airspace surveillance over Seattle. Back to you, Tom."


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