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+++Earthquake in Los Angeles+++
"Earlier today an Earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale has hit the Los Angeles area.  The epicenter was 50 miles North of LA.  There was almost no damage, except for areas like South Central.  The Pueble Corporate Council has called upon all citizens to remain calm and follow orders from the rescue workers and the police.  Unfortunately, riots and lootings have been reported.  We now switch life to our correspondent in LA, George.  George, how are things at the moment."

<<on location>>
The area behind the reporter has some debris, but a large amount of police vehicles, including riot police.
"Well, Donna, At the moment there are still some locations where there's been looting going on, but most of the city is back under control.  Official PCC sources say there are about 500 dead and 3000 wounded.  Around 200 people have been arrested during riots or for looting.  With me is the chief of the fire department.  What can you say, sir?"

"At the moment we are putting out the last fires and we're still looking for survivors in those few buildings that have collapsed.  We also urge all citizens to remain at home and follow instructions from rescue personnel.  We also expect to restore power and water to most of LA by tonight or tomorrow morning."

"You see, Donna, things are under control here.  It is not the first time LA has suffered an earthquake of this size and they are well trained to deal with it.   From LA, this was George McAllen.  Back to the Studio."

"Thank you, George.  With us over the matrix is Professor Jacobs of the Geology department of UCLA.  Professor, can you tell us a bit more?"

"Of course, Donna.  The earthquake had a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter scale and the epicenter was about 10 miles below the surface."

"And is there the possibility of more earthquakes?"

"In that region you always have that possibility, but at the moment our sensors indicate that everything is quiet again.  There might be some small aftershocks, but I believe those will not go past 4 on the Richter scale and the city is well designed to cope with those."

"Thank you, professor.  We'll be back with more news after the break."


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