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Think of it as a troll-sized four-seat hatchback, it's a subcompact for them, and a small sedan for everyone else.  With boss hooped pipes to help the anemic engine make even more noise.

Which model did you get for your Decker?

She has a Krime Bazoo Redline.

I don't think a Sedan is just a bigger car than a subcompact... it has a totally different shape/configuration than a subcompact.

A Sedan, by it's definition, has a three-box configuration, meaning it has a separate space/box for you to put cargo. A subcompact doesn't have a separate space for cargo.

EDIT: it's called a trunk (sorry, I forgot the word) a Sedan is a car that has a trunk separated from the back seat.


--- Quote ---However, their troll-strength suspension and robust transmission that can haul even more weight than can be expected out of a car this size has won quite a bit of  popularity out of drivers tired of having subcompacts being considered entirely disposable drekboxes that can barely get out of their own way.

--- End quote ---

from the description of the book it doesn't even feel like it's bigger to support a troll, only stronger.

Size of Human "Norm" vs. size of Troll "Norm" means it'd have to be bigger.

And, if not, this is Krime.  Bigger, stronger, LOUDER.  Not necessarily better.

So, in essence, I suggest your GM make it as big/small as needed for the campaign, especially if it's the group's vehicle of choice for tooling around in the Sprawl, with the only insurance on it being that no one wants to frag with the big hooped troll that obviously owns it.   ;D

My suggestion for how the Bazoo should look was the 1939 Opel Kadett (or, rather, the Soviet knock-off of it) or the Tatra 603 (the model with three huge headlights in the front.).


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