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>>>>>[Word has it that Tosh is looking to hire some runners to look into things, since his Task Force has been coming up dry (and losing men really pisses him off). He's not going through me though, so dunno who he's looking for or what exactly he wants done.  Probably some payback.
     Also the news vultures are starting to circle.  I've had Joe Martin from NewsNet ambush me twice in the last week.  He's a sneaky little fragger.]<<<<<
     -- MacCallister (22:50:52/03-16-2073)

>>>>>[Couple of my contacts, and good freinds, turned up dead. One floating face down in the Sound couple of days ago and the other with a devil rat stuffed in his mouth. One was my ear into the Yaks, other Mafia. I checked around with some other contacts, but right now everyone seems to be either too scared to talk or is keeping their heads down. Infornation security within the organizations seems to have gone WAY up and anyone caught talking is being dealt with, period. Whatever KE and Oaks have in the works, it's making someone(s) nervous. Damn, I wish I hadn't gotten sidetracked with an inquary from another associate. I should have...heard SOMETHING. Speaking of which... ]<<<<<
     -- Sunny Daze (10:39:05/03-20-2073)

>>>>>[Anyone heard from Bravo Six in a while? He used to be a regular...?.]<<<<<
     -- Chrona (15:46:07/03-20-73)

>>>>>[Odds are that he's got bigger things to spend his time on than this.  I know I've had weeks or months of my life where I fell off the face of the earth.  Hell, I was declared legally dead three weeks after the Second Crash.

I do have to wonder if I'm the only one who thinks it is a good thing that the organized crime syndicates, who've historically been the second biggest source of informants and security leaks behind the House of Representatives, is finally putting some minimal effort into internal security.  They're definitely up to something big, but I'm glad to see that for the first time in decades, that something big isn't going to be getting arrested, telling a federal prosecutor everything they know about everyone they've ever met, and getting moved to Ohio by the Witness Protection Program.]<<<<<
     -- Vice (15:59:23/03-20-73)

>>>>>[Dropped that very question in another thread, Chrona. That thick-headed groundpounder has pulled a vanishing act on me and every other contact he has. I'm deathly worried, call it intuition, but I can't do anything about him now; I've suddenly got my own problems. Too many Union and sushi types suddenly want to hire me and they ain't taking no for an answer. Gee, usually a girl likes to be popular.]<<<<<
     -- Sunni Daze (07:37:00/03-21-73)


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