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>>>>>[A biowared boxing champ named Trustworthy. I haven't given him the node yet because he said he has to think. He is picking from jobs at the moment.]<<<<<
   -- Scatter (05:54:19/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Good deal, I like knowing all the movers, Makes watching your back a little easier.]<<<<<
                               --Black Bart (18:04:00/01-24-2078)

>>>>>[Attaching a comm code to this message. This guy can get hold of just about any weapon, armor or vehicle you can imagine. Ask for Propane.]<<<<<
  -- Predator (20:44:04/01-24-2078)

>>>>>[Getting a spirit called and bound for scouting purposes now. To be clear, I am looking at a total of 450 grand with standard share plus the remainder of Black Bart's that he's turning down, correct?]<<<<<
  -- Kensai (20:45:24/01-24-2078)

>>>>>[475,000 actually. Misread the post. If I have a choice im forgoing my cut so only you and Scatter are taking full pay. Black Bart can you drive a van?]<<<<<
    -- Vexboy (08:53:28/01-24-78)

>>>>>[Good, good. That should get me a shiny power focus and get me started with getting some investments set up. Not to mention cover living expenses for a while.]<<<<<
  -- Kensai (20:58:51/01-24-2078)


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