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>>>>>[Nice. Thats 4. You in Predator? Bit of Hooding is good for the soul. And if Vexboy agrees thats a 237,500 share. If that doesn't do it for you maybe you could recommend someone?]<<<<<
  --Scatter (4:11:20/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Unless Vex has problem with it I don't. @Kensai if it all works, up for some recon?]<<<<<
                     --Black Bart (16:09:15/01-25-2078)

>>>>>[Not enough for the exposure risk. With the investments I have, I need seven or eight digits these days to make it worth my time.]<<<<<
  -- Predator (16:14:16/01-24-2078)

>>>>>[I will do it for 50000. I can help with recon Kensei and might be able to get us some tech to help. Predator you know anyone with a van? We need a proper transport if we are gonna get this lady out.]<<<<<
  -- Vexboy (04:20:49/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[If we find a van, I can provide armed escort as well. @Scatter, who's this Sam? Haven't heard a peep from him.]<<<<<         
                                       --Black Bart (17:29:00/01-24-2078)


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