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[IC] Adapt looking for work.

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>>>>>[Hey Chummers! Adept in the Seattle Area looking for work. Im pretty good with a pistol. Pretty good with being quiet and I'm pretty good at jumping and climbing. Help a guy out huh? Anyone?]<<<<<
     -- Vexboy (11:56:23/01-11-78)

>>>>>[I'll certainly keep an eye open for potentials for a new guy. Best advice though is to get out there and make a good name for yourself. Hard to get work when no one knows you.]<<<<<
     -- Predator (00:25:11/01-12-2078)

>>>>>[Hey thanks! I have been looking but I have a sorta bad rep... this fixer I went to decided to be stupid and screw me. No one wants to do business now. And no I didnt shoot him. On the off chance he decides to offer work I might need I dont wanna prove what people were saying about me.<<<<<
     -- Vexboy (12:31:29/01-12-78)

>>>>>[Unfortunately, one thing you'll learn in shadow work is that reputation is everything. Once you get a bad rep, you can expect to mainly get low paying work or low paying work that experienced people should be doing but want too much cred for.]<<<<<
     -- Predator (00:36:50/01-12-2078)

>>>>>[Perchance did you send the info to the fixers yet? Because my fixer sent me a message and is VERY interested now. But the job has to be done tonight.]<<<<<
     -- XXXXX (12:41:05/01-12-78)


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