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[IC] Underworld 93 - December 2072

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>>>>>[BW, which part of 'shady talislegger' didn't you get? I'm not biased against magicians. Hell, my mom was an ork hermetic investigator, so i know what i mean when i'm talking about 'shifty magicians'. Maybe it's my language skills - you know, english isn't my first, nor do i use skillsofts.
And Cap'n, if you need some matrix support, i'm in serious need of work now. Hell, i'd even go back to Europe, unless we stay away from Poland.]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (15:11:03/12-08-2072)

Caine Hazen:
>>>>>[CRETE!!  Awesome, I love Crete.  The hunting there is most excellent, and there's a place dow by the wharves that serves up the best in Mediterrainian. I'd be all up for helping out if you need to fire support! Wild Minotaurs can be a hassle if you don't have the right firepower with you.]<<<<<
 -- SteveZ (15:04:21/12-09-2072)

>>>>>[Don't you have other pressing matters to do? Ones coming off my budget?]<<<<<
 -- Moreau(15:12:42/12-09-2072)

Patrick Goodman:
>>>>>[Cap'n Jack: As it happens, I've got a local contact here in Houston who's active in the arcanoarcheological field, speaks fluent Greek, can take care of herself, is available now, and is willing to travel. I'll forward her contact info privately. If Moreau's contact doesn't work out, at least you'll have someone else to call.]<<<<<
     -- Thunder (14:26:28/12-09-72)

>>>>>[Drek, drek, drek... I was mistaken, people. That's a dead end. And by 'dead' i mean i'm going to be if i don't find a place to lay low. I don't know who those guys are, but i've just been saved from a spirit attack by the very Knight Errant patrol, that was apparently looking for me, even though they shouldn't know i exist. I hope they didn't get killed. I don't want KE on my tail also. Anyone can help with astral trackers? I'll pay a fair price.
And if you need someone for an off-city job... Well... You know how it is. See ya. I hope...
P.S. Yeah, i'm scared. Whoever they are, they're connected. My only contact in Seattle should've been solid, bu that elven bastard sold me out. So, if you make biz with Alex 'Pro' Henderson, watch your back.]<<<<<
     -- NiSayer (17:40:36/12-09-2072)

>>>>>[Is no problem NiSayer.  You get topside?  Find store nearby that sell something expensive.  Jewels, electronics, anything man would want fi steal.  All them paid up with some mage.  Got astral barriers on all.  Bigger store is best.  University even better, if you near that.  Stay in, let security do they job to keep baddies out.  Tell me where on I an I private line.  Rasta come find anything hover about them astral and you walk out.]<<<<<
     --Shaper (17:44:36/12-09-2072)


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