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[OOC] Helping conclude part of Chrona's story.

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I've been sitting on the Tome plothook since i joined the forum, waiting for a good time to bring it out. I was hoping that a number of you would be kind enough to help me conclude a major part of Chrona's story.
To be honest it is one of the most iffy, regular shadowrun rules wise, parts of his story but it happened in the campaign I played him in and as i wont get to play him again outside VU93, and I love RPing with you other VU93ers, i wanted to ask if a few of you would help in using VU93 collaboratively to close a chapter on his life.

First off i would like to ask Mirikon, with his constant magical peer and well groomed Elf, Iceblade.
Second i would like to ask Maddoux1, C.E. might be VU93s fresh blood but he is fitting in well and getting on well with Chrona.

Anyone else who would like to be involved just let me know. But as you can see it at least somewhat involves magic, spirits and twisted versions of both.

Those who agree to help brainstorm and post to help further the story to a conclusion will be told the ins and outs of the plothook in question that i am trying to conclude. Got to leave some mystery for everyone else who reads it ;P

I'm in.

Great thank you.

Another bit i just thought of. i will need someone who can play the part of the center piece of this storyline. All i can say is she is female, german, Orkish, important to Chrona and breaks a lot of shadowruns rules.

If you want, you can PM me the info needed to play her.

I'm in, my friend.


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