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Ok gang, pretty sure I already know most if the answers but now is the time to weight in on what your wishlist items are for the new augmentations book.

Tell me what you want to see!

Body Sculpting and Cosmetic Augmentations.  Hopefully cheap and low to no Essence as it's theoretically commonplace and done frequently.  Multiple times a year for those on the cutting edge of fashion.

Cyberlimb, Cyberbody, Cybertail options.  I suspect you know the wishlist.

Initiative and Minor Action boosts, feel free to recycle the options from previous editions.  (Move by Wire, Synaptic Boost, ect, ect). 

Utility options.  We have basic stat, skill, and combat boosts in the CRB.  Samies could use some more random toys though.  Again, many examples in previous editions.

MAD and Cyberware Scanner counter measures for Augmentations and Weapons.  Stuff for the sneaky Samurai on the go.

More Social 'ware. 

Qualities and Martial Arts for Cyber'd up Monsters.

Seems like Christmas came early this year. :o

For starters:

* First and foremost: a full-flavored cerebellum booster. Unfortunately, the Simsense Interface Overdrive from Double Clutch is sub-par (especially with restrictions imposed by the German edition).
* No augmentations of any kind causing karma cost reductions.
* No Smartlink-2.
* An explicit statement or rules on the feasibility of augmentation upgrades (e.g., raising ratings over time).
* Something akin to the MCT Biolink and Leonization for (continued) story telling purposes.
* Lightweight genetech and nanotech with streamlined rules (e.g., no need to distinguish hard and soft nanoware systems). Something along the lines of neocortical nanites, Neo-EPO, or synaptic acceleration would be welcome. These systems should provide cost-effective lower-tier drop-in replacements for full-featured systems (e.g., rating one neocortical nanites substituting for a single rating of the cerebral booster). That enables more fine-grained stepping stones during character development.
* Experimental or temperamental stuff with attached wild dice. Might be a good option for short-term enhancements that mimic other augmentations or provide otherwise unobtainable effects.
* Chemistry rules to mix your preferred designer stims and maybe for homemade "redecoration charges".
* I did like the widely applicable tactical computer from 3rd ed. Not sure if a (lightweight) translation to 6th ed. is feasible.
* Appearance-altering and social augmentations along with cosmetic ware for fluff.
* And of course, we desperately need a ruthenium upgrade for orthoskin. ::)
* Moar lazors!

What did the Germans do to the booster?

The German version appends a sentence, which translates as follows: The [Simsense Interface Overdrive] only works in conjunction with a control rig, hence only for rigging.

Effectively barring deckers and technomancers from this option for a (matrix-focused) intuition-enhancement. Very frustrating ...


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