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Some FAQs have been added to the Shadowrun: Crossfire page; keep an eye on that page, as it will be updated as needed.

Jason H.

That will be really useful. Thank you !  :)

Your website is a complete mess. How exactly are you meant to find the FAQ if you don't happen to come to the forums.

Go to and there is no mention of Crossfire at all. There is a link to Shadowrun Tabletop, but that takes you to where again there is no mention of Crossfire at all.

Go to and the only mention of Crossfire is the rotating banner, that takes you to the shop to buy it but nothing else, and if you miss that banner you have to wait through seven others for it to come up again. There is a Shadowrun link at the top but the page it takes you too is very dull, but at last if you scroll through the block of text right near the bottom is a link saying Getting Started page which at last takes you to the site!

Only again there is very little mention of Crossfire. There is a title at the top, but it looks like a title not a link. It looks like we have come to the Shadowrun Crossfire page only to have no information about the game.

The Shadowrun Tabletop graphic at the left looks like a link but is actually just an image. The only mention of Crossfire is under the Blog tab. The FAQ link, you think at last the FAQ about Crossfire, only it isn't it's about 5th Edition and is in fact still only coming soon.

Oh it turns out that page title header isn't a title it's a link to the Crossfire page which includes the FAQ.

There is no sense of structure about your website at all, it's a wonder anyone can find anything.

The biggest problem is that is not CGL's site, it's run by the company doing Shadowrun Online, the MMOish game.

However, (Which is CGL's site) is also a bit of a mess, but that's a whole pile of other issues, mainly a manpower issue.

Ah okay well I'll forgive them the stuff then.

One question I've not seen answered in the FAQ, if I play a card like, Press the Advantage that say reveal cards from the top of your deck and I don't have any cards in my deck but a full discard pile do I shuffle my discards to make a deck and then reveal cards from it or do I not have any cards to reveal?

I know that if I am made to draw cards from my deck, and I don't have a deck, I should shuffle, the discards to make a deck so Clairvoyance can always draw a card (unless all your cards are already in your hand), but reveal doesn't mean draw, so should you shuffle then?

What if your deck only has 1 card in it (but your discard has several), and you play Press the Advantage, do you only get the one card? In the same situation will Deathtouch only reveal that one card, or do you shuffle the discard to reveal the second and third card?

The reason I ask is we came across a Crossfire card that made us discard cards from the top of our deck (more if the crossfire level was higher), and if you could just shuffle when asked to reveal it didn't seem like much of a penalty in fact it is a bonus as there are lots of cards that let you access cards in your discard.


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