Stupid rule phrasing

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« on: <05-24-12/1041:46> »
Dont know if it is the exact same in SR4A english but the french version say that

"Spirit can use their powers on any character moving into the line of sight."

Wich basically can mean :

1- Spirits can't use their power against character that are in their line of sight but aren't moving.
2- Spirits doesn't benefit from their ITNW power against attack from people that are not in their line of sight.
3- Spirits doesn't benefit from their ITNW agains't static weaponnay as they are not moving...

I am joking, but some of the rules really really really should have benefitted from a bit of editing. :)


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« Reply #1 on: <05-24-12/1129:17> »
they don't use their ITNW power on other people... so it's not the very best example...

other then that... yes many rules should just receive a tiny little bit of clarification and everything would be better...
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« Reply #2 on: <05-25-12/0247:01> »
I think this is the same line in the English sr4a.
A spirit in physical form can use its powers against any target in its line of sight.
Still not as bad as some translation errors.