Unfinished characters up for use.

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As the title says I have some unfinished characters up for use feel free to finish fleshing them out and using them as you see fit. I was going to use these characters in a 5e game that fell through.

First character is a street sam/face troll born and raised in the London suburb of Westham, was forced into the shadows when an anti meta hate group burnt his dads bar down with his dad and mum still inside.

Second character is an orc adept she grew up an orphan in the worst slum in London. She was forced into the shadows when she was set up and popped dirty on a drug test before her first professional cage fight.

Again feel free to finish fleshing out these characters or customise them and use them for your own game. If anybody does use them id love to hear about it.Tweakbox Appvalley
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