Shadowrun Lore for someone who has not intention of playing it

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Title says it all. Through osmosis and whatnot I have gained an interest in the cyberpunk genre and have watched several old media which originated it (Bladerunner, Forbin project Colossus) and read the Neuromancer.

I would like to read the lore of Shadowrun but I won't use the core system, I would rather use it on a different system and just base my lore on that.

So what can I read? Alongside that, would it be better if I try to look up and buy the old core books (I mean 1e here) to read and see how it evolves or am I not losing anything by just skipping a few editions?


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To be perfectly honest, buying the 1e books would be a waste as there is not much in 1e Lore wise.

All the history and Lore of shadowrun really starts with 2e, and the novels that came out in supporr of SR at that time.

Most of the Lore of SR can be found in the classic novels and the 2/3e splat sugestion would be to get your hands on the classic novels and start there.
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The Reddit link that Xenon posted is probably the best balance of detail and overview. The wiki timeline is extensive but too granular to provide a sense of the setting.

If you want something to read in a single sitting, try And So It Came to Pass. This is the overview of the Shadowrun universe from the 2E core book. (I don't have the 1E book to know if it is in there or not.)

It only goes up to 2050 but that should capture the cyberpunk setting that ZhakirSertie is interested in.