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--- Quote from: DarkLloyd on ---Couple of Videos from Skrillex he seems to like the Shadowrun/cyberpunk style.

The first one here is a young street shaman of the Cat variety.
First Of The Year

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I always saw it more as a girl being possessed by something... the way the spirit was coming out of her back at the end and all.

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Well shes playing with him like a cat shammy would do. And the whole thing is a stalking prey kinda vibe.
I can see where you are coming from with the possession angle now that you mention it, but I'd always seen that as she just summoned a spirit of man to assist her with casting the killing spell since that would be too much drain for her at that level of development.

I guess it could be a spirit pact also.

Shadow Spirits...


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Here's an article for today. We are getting closer to autopilot all the time. Now if they could just look into combining a bunch of these technologies and get me my rigger interface that would be awesome.

Blind Drivers Race Around Daytona




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