Delrin and Knives

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« on: <01-09-12/1811:57> »
There seems to be more than a few people on the forum who know a thing a two about the pointier, bang-bangier side of life. I've done a ton of research myself on topics relating to guns, and more particularly knives, however.... Well, some thing stick, and some things don't. So while I've read a fair share of literature on materials, techniques, and styles of blades, I can't remember most of it to save my life.

So I turn to you good people.

I've been reading about the balisong, a knife I was ecstatic about as a kid, to the point I convinced my mom to buy me three cheapies to practice with. Now, I'm looking for a good quality one to pick back up with, and while I've found a few, I question some of the design choices, in production and custom made knives.

The following link has a piece about bushings, essentially, spacers in between the blade and handle that allow for more torque without the blade "locking up"

The next bit is about a material I was first introduced to as Delrin. Touted as being "self-lubricating", I first encountered it in a paintball gun I purchased (Araikon Overlord Rx), and my experiences with it found that to be mostly true.

So basically, why haven't any knife manufacturers, of any type, embraced this technical marvel? Especially in the balisong world, it seem the only bushings used are stainless steel (most don't say what grade... -_-)