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« on: <09-23-11/0109:14> »
So has anybody else been watching Alphas on syfy?  I swear it's about a bunch of Adepts and a Technomancer.
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« Reply #1 on: <09-23-11/0120:05> »
it is, though there powers only work, because they're unique. You couldn't play a guy in shadowrun, who's only power is Strength Boost. Or just hyper-senses.
Hicks is just any generic gunslinger adept. And the girl only has the Influence spell or power.

This is probably, what an average fluff awakened (Magic 1 or 2) is supposed to be and live, but sr players need more...


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« Reply #2 on: <10-01-11/0255:52> »
Well, it's gotta start somewhere.

It's not a bad show, I just hope the plot evolves past the "new evil alpha of the week" plotline. So far, and with the last episode, it's doing that; but I want to see IF they can live up to this new direction.
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« Reply #3 on: <10-26-11/1204:14> »
It's a show my wife & I both like. Nobody is "super powerful"... yet, and every power seems to come with it's own personality flaw. I love it, and I want to see it evolve!
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