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While there is a Shadowrun 5e Game System for the Foundry virtual tabletop ( there is not one for Shadowrun 6e yet.

A developer has been a bit at it here:, but is curretly inactive, though he has indicated to me that he is looking to pass the torch to someone else.

So, any takers? My javascrit skills are exactly zero - but I love Foundry, and would gladly join eg. a patreon dedicated to producing a functioning game system, especially if it could import charcters from GeneGsis.

Just learned that rpgframework/Genesis-related people have en effort underways.

We do - or better: we joined efforts with one who started, but it is all in very early stages.

The author of the current (once german only) SR6 Roll20 sheet switched to Foundry VTT lately and is eager to port his Roll20 code to Foundry - or write new one.
Our intention is to provide an german and english language files and character import from Genesis.

But: we basically just started and get used to write for Foundry, so it won't be ready within the next months. (Maybe we offer early snapshots to at least enable basic dice rolls, but that must be discussed internally)

It's just great news that something is underways :)

Unfortunately we are slower than we anticipated. But there is an installable version on BitBucket.

You can already export characters from Genesis (since 1.6.0) and import them in Foundry, roll skill checks and manage damage and edge, but we are still working on adding more content to the char sheets and only started working on an NPC sheet. So, it is in very early stages.


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