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Looking for players: actual play podcast/retrospective.



I am looking for a group of players that would like to join a podcast I am starting. I am wanting to go back to where it all started for me in 1st edition and play through every module that has been made for SR throughout the years in the original editions they where made for.

In between modules we would also do a retrospective on the books that were produced in order of release.

Books in PDF or images will be provided for use of the review and game. Book reviews should take a single episode and do not require full crew but would like to have at least 4 people for the actual plays themselves. Recording schedule would be up to us but I would like to record each week.

Expectations would be that players read the rules of the edition that we are playing and commit to playing there character. You do not have to be an amazing RPer or any specific type on the pink Mohawk to Black tenchcoat scale. Only that you can be consistent, read most of the books and have a semi decent microphone for recording.

I am not caring about this being high quality as I am not needing it to be so. We will be recording on discord streaming o. Twitch and probably be using some sort of VTT, which we can talk about before we start.

If you are interested please ask questions and reply here and I will check in from time to time to put the crew together.


Just letting people  know that the game is now full. Thanks.

You've got a long road ahead of you . . . I wish you the best.


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