Love the AI influence in recent media.

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« on: <05-06-15/0312:53> »
Caught 'Age of Ultron' early today.  The explanation given on how Jarvis survived Ultron's attack later helped me better understand the 'Person of Interest' season finale episode shown this evening on how the Machine hid from Samaritan in plain sight.  Course I'm a fan of both so I enjoyed them.  Watch most of the comic-book TV shows and movies anyway so the errata benefits me.  Though watching the 'AoU' and 'Ex Machina'  movies plus other examples can really expand the sci-fi concepts in Shadowrun such as AIs' and other stuff.     Any thoughts?
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Ug... that reminds me, I need to catch up on Person of Interest.  I think I left off about half-way through season two.    :-[
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