wait to see the fridge

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« on: <02-17-15/1135:09> »

I think the title say it all

my only question is : In Shadowrun where will you use this ?

I'm sorry I'm an automate doorman, please smile if you want me to open the door
You Fucker I'm in the middle of a goddamn shoot out ! Open this Door !
I'm sorry, Ares Psych division statistic show that smiling will increase your overall happiness, Please smile if you want the door to open

It's a little bit doors from H2G2 but now this is something in the present so ...


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« Reply #1 on: <02-17-15/1302:20> »
You can use it as an extra security measure, for instance on the door to the offline back-ups.  Everybody in the company knows you have to smile to get through the door but the runners don't.
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Those are some interesting ideas.  I like the idea of warping the size of buildings in real time to reflect their importance to the user.  This would be similar, at least in my mind, to how hosts are displayed in SR.  The Big 10 are WAY up high and the lowbies are on ground level.
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