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I'm a newbie to Shadowrun but a veteran gamer, and I've been reading cyberpunk since I was a kid. Nice to meet you!
Any chance I can find a nice starting PbP adventure where my character isn't going to be skinned alive too soon?
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« Reply #1 on: <10-27-14/0944:18> »
Dibs on her boots..

Err.. We mean HELLO! :D

There is a PbP section of the forum a bit above here on the board and I am sure the friendly folk there can help you out.
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you've already posted in the big black book o runners so you're half way there. My suggestion is to start reading the other PbP. Most of the games have a high turn over rate, so when an opening comes up you will be ready to jump in because you've been reading the story. Beyond that, just wait, new PbP come along every so often!
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A Dr. Who fan!

Like Imveros said, you can keep an eye out for openings in already in progress PbP, though you will likely have to pick up the character already in play rather than create your own. If that is okay, I know of two games that are in need of players - Kindred Bond and Tabula Rasa. I'm not sure that Ryo means to recruit to fill the vacancies, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

And welcome!
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Welcome.  If you need help making a character for the first time, the Character Creation and Critique board is a great place to check out, and there's lots of people willing to help you build an effective (and reasonable) character,
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