Trying to find a really good Phone Case for Nexus 5 anyone know any good ones ?

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« on: <06-22-14/0345:32> »
Hmmm Anyone know which cases are good for the nexus 5. I'm looking for really good drop protection.

So far I found this one

and this one

Can't figure out which one to get.

I just want really good drop protection for it. I would get bullet proofing but so far that does not exist yet so I need a good case for my commlink I mean nexus 5
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« Reply #1 on: <06-23-14/2133:03> »
I'm partial to the Tech21 cases because they have that funky shear thickening foam like Shadowrun has Gelpacks. I dunno if they make one for your phone though.



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I switched to Otterbox Defenders for my S4 and my wife's HTC DNA when my year old son discovered the joy of grabbing cellphones, putting them in his mouth, and dropping them on the floor.