Program DRM and Autosoft Compatibility

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« on: <07-06-21/0041:37> »
These are a couple of related questions in my mind, but how exactly do programs and autosofts work in terms of ownership and compatibility? If you buy Signal Scrubber, do you have one copy of it on one device, or can you copy/paste that bad boy onto your deck, commlink, and RCC? Can you do that with Autosofts?

The other question is with Autosoft compatibility between your drones. If I have a Rating 5 evasion autosoft on my RCC, does it work equally well for the Rotodrone and Doberman that I have running?

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« Reply #1 on: <07-06-21/1221:10> »

Here's a fairly recent discussion on autosoft compatibility.  Some are drone specific and others are more compatible.
To the DRM question though, 1 copy 1 use.  If you want Doberman Maneuvering in all your Dobermans, gotta buy a copy for each one, or take a slot in the RCC.