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Previous Editions / Re: [5e] Technomancer and editing files
« Last post by Banshee on <04-13-23/0821:52> »
Pretty much what Xenon said.
There is no mark required for a complex form in any capacity... but the technomancer does need to have access. Which usually involves marking a host to get inside but there are ways to get in a host without marking it.
Previous Editions / Re: [5e] Technomancer and editing files
« Last post by Xenon on <04-13-23/0756:39> »
You typically cant edit files stored inside hosts from the outside and you typically first need a mark on the host before you may enter it.
Previous Editions / Re: [5e] Technomancer and editing files
« Last post by Fatespinner on <04-13-23/0246:01> »
I know. You don't need to have a mark on the file itself. But do you need to have a mark on the device where the file is stored? If you would need no mark, then you could easily getting any file from a host. If you need one, then you can't simply remove your image from a video file with the form.
From our friends in Germany (Pegasus Spiel) comes their outlook for 2023-2024

Nothing is official until Catalyst announces it, but since they are working on the translations, it gives us a chance to see what's in the pipeline.

A prime example is the recently released Whisper Nets, that on their page has a Summer 2023 release (this could be just the translation delay).

Some other books discussed for 2023:
  • Bodyshop 2082 (cyberware sourcebook/setting)
  • Bloody Beginnings (introductory adventures)
  • Astral Ways (Meta level setting/sourcebook)

And books for 2024 include:
  • Wild Life (critter sourcebook)
  • Fear the Dark (final Dis plotline/campaign book)
Not so much gun bunny plus decker, just want to try and build a decker that doesn’t have to follow the conventional builds… was possible in 4E and in 5E, 6E has made it harder with the cyberware requirements

Will have a go and see what I can come up with :)
Probably need Stolen Goods or a longer campaign for the nuyen needed, but sure.  Could have before too, losing 2 PP isn't to jam in a CyberJack isn't world ending depending on what you're trying to do with the Adept stuff.  Honestly Way of the Burn Out is pretty solid for a Hacker.

Really depends on what your build goals are, and what dice pools you're targeting.  Attributes are going to be a pain.  Some compromises required if you're trying to be a gun bunny plus hacker.
Previous Editions / Re: [5e] Technomancer and editing files
« Last post by Banshee on <04-11-23/1043:05> »
Complex Forms do not require Marks
With the advent of the external version of the cyberjack (cyberhack) it may be possible to create an semi-effective AR hacker adept?  Right?  Although given the cyberhacks seem to be limited in scope would it be more cost effective to pair a deck with a high end commlink and not worry about the other benefits of a cyberjack?

Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: Whisper Nets Campaign Book is Out!
« Last post by Aria on <04-10-23/1704:40> »
I just need an excuse to buy another SR book... even a flimsy one :D
Uhhhh, I highly recommend you don't pick it up for that alone.  I know you have a character creator to update, but these monad rules are bad.  They are broken, as in missing critical information to make it work, and they are badly made.

The PC monad rules are very similar to the NPC monad rules in Collapsing Now, with most powers being copy/pasted into this book as PC monad abilities.  They even copy/pasted an error where an "Intelligence + Con" test is called for.
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