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Hey folks,
I just wanted to invite everyone to check out both our new company, Fragging Unicorns Games, and also our first game-offering: Gangs of the Undercity. The kickstarter launches in 10 days on July 15, and I think there will be a lot for any Shadowrun fan to enjoy. If you've been wanting some Cyberpunk/Fantasy miniatures, or maybe a gang-based skirmish miniatures game, perhaps some cyberpunk terrain for your home table? Its all here. I'd love to have you on board.

Here are some previews of the game and the minis, and here is a link to get on our mailing list to find out more info as it happens and be reminded of the Kickstarter when it goes live:

Flaming Skulls Gang preview

Valkyrs preview

Box art preview

Best of Luck Opti!  Unicorns always frag best! Look forward to reading the previews!


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