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Legendary Pants Dice

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Hah, typo. 9 dice in a set, $9 US per set... I can type...

i bought these in the kickstarter, they are the best dice for srun imho.

buy them!

Michael Chandra:
I got a whole bunch of them, they're cheaper than the official Shadowrun dice (though if I could order the edge+dice sets...) but also way too frickin' big in comparison. Only suitable for smaller dicepools. But yes, they count very quickly.


--- Quote from: Michael Chandra on ---Only suitable for smaller dicepools.
--- End quote ---

Sounds like an opportunity to me... ;D

I'm not even sure what small or large dice pools are in this case, but I can roll 18 of these at a time just fine. I'd call that a medium to large dice pool, personally, in the context of 6th Edition at least.


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