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Legendary Pants Dice

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Michael Chandra:
They're far less comfortable to roll than 18 Shadowrun dice though.

Not having seen the Shadowrun dice, i can't really compare. What's the size difference?

Michael Chandra:
If I had to guess, can't find the exact specs online, 11.5mm instead of 16mm?

That makes sense; standard Chessex dice are 12mm and are used by a lot of wargamers; when I played Warhammer I could easily need to throw 40-60 dice, and in those cases I definitely prefer the smaller Chessex dice.

Since my eyesight isn't what it used to, and since dice pools in Shadowrun 6th Edition are significantly less than 40, I personally prefer the Legendary Pants dice for how easy they are to reference. I look forward to seeing what the Shadowrun dice look like, though.

We should also contact Legendary Pants and ask about getting their dice in 12mm format, if that's setting people want.

Michael Chandra:
I'm using the previous generation of Shadowrun dice, the ones from Q Workshop. I got 12 Mage dice, 12 Decker dice, 12 Street Samurai dice and 6 Catalyst demo agents dice (Street sam symbols but CGL green dice with black icons). On those dice, the 5/6 use symbols and very small numbers, and the 1s also have a special symbol, so they count nicely as well. But they were more than $2 per die when buying a set of 6.


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