Shadowrun 5 Sample Matrix Run "Let's go to the Library" (Revised)

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I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but I think it is a good example of a run. It's very clear what is happening and why. I really should use this or similar to give the hackers at my table a test run.
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« Reply #31 on: <05-07-20/0649:27> »
Thanks for this awesome example. Really helpful.

And yeah, Vixens fatal mistake was clearly running silent. Which begs the question, why would you ever run silent in a host? If you have a mark, youíre authorized to be there and wonít get in trouble until you make an illegal action, so you can just run normal up till that point.


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« Reply #32 on: <05-07-20/0728:03> »
This thread is more than 4 years old......

Having said that; in 5th edition you switch to silent running before you take an Attack action, otherwise you will automatically be spotted.

...and there are some mistakes in the example (I just read it):

Noise is measured at your location. Distance to hosts in the 5th edition is zero.
You don't measure the noise the actual physical library (unless you happen to be hacking the host from there, but in that case you should probably establish a direct connection by using a cable from your cyberdeck to a device slaved to the host or physically touching it if you have skinlink echo in case of the TM, this would also let you ignore host ratings as trick or force your mark upon the host).

Marks are placed on the host, not the other way around. In the text Slicer picks up a library card and Vixen has a mark. Should rather be that he place it on the library host and Vixen placed her mark.

To locate a specific file inside a host you take the Matrix Search action with a base time of 1 minute, not just a matrix perception test as it is resolved in the text.

Running silent give you a negative dice pool modifier of 2 dice. Text does not account for that.

Patrol IC is noticing a persona that is looking for a file. Nothing illegal in that. Looking for a file is a legal Data Processing action. Running silent is also not illegal (but it is a bit suspicious - should probably gone in without running silent, unless perhaps it was after closing hours and the host is expected to be empty).

Nestled hosts was not a 'thing' in the 5th edition.

If you are spotted then you can take the Hide matrix action to become unspotted (this is optional and not really a mistake in the text, however, it would have been good to showcase it)

If you are marked then you can take the Erase Mark action to remove the mark (this is optional and not really a mistake in the text, however, it would have been good to showcase it).

Once things started to get heated Vixen could have just compiled a crack sprite and ordered it to retrieve the file while she exited the host and just waited for the sprite to complete his tasks.

Marks are individual. The Host has its marks. The spider has his. You can't 'share' your marks. Spider need to place his own. Instead of slicer gets a third mark it should be host place its third mark on slicer.

Edit File action to copy is opposed by host ratings. This is normally one of the hardest tests during a pay data run since you can't directly connect to the file in order to ignore host ratings. In the text no test is needed.

Tracing a sprite lead to the physical location of the technomancer that compiled it.

6th turn 1st pass. Vixen could have placed her mark on the file. And then taken the full matrix defense action, in the same initiative pass. Full Matrix Defense does not cost her the complex action, she still get to use it. That way she could have copied the book at initiative pass 2 with initiative score 11.

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« Reply #33 on: <05-13-20/0254:19> »
Old for sure, but obviously still relevant.

I think the part about Slicer picking up a library card is just a visual representation of him being a legal guest since he places a mark. All the italics texts are a visual description of what happens.

I was wondering about the host-inside-a-host cause I donít recall seeing that anywhere in the rules. The only back door you can find inside a host is to the Foundation.

Agree it would have been smart to erase marks and definitely to hide after being spotted. That killed Vixen.

Are you sure the Spider doesnít share marks with the host? He IS the host after all.

The Interrupt action could potentially have been taken just as Vixen is attacked rather than taking it as her first move, essentially costing her her first action phase. Never really sure when the best time to take an interrupt action is so I usually take it when needed and no sooner. Otherwise it could be a waste.