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Looking For Work

I'd like to play a fifth edition game with the decker I have here, but really I'd be willing to play anything, with a preference towards the Matrix and Awakened characters. I'm able to post at least once a day.

Name:  Eliza Hetzer
Alias:  H-Wag
Race:  Human
Sex:  Female
Nationality:  CAS
Lifestyle:  Middle
Karma Spent:  0
Physical Description:  A stern woman, lithe, with short black hair and small black eyes.
Personality/background: A consummate professional, respectful and calm.

Character Sheet
Priorities (Sum to Ten)
Metatype: E (Human, 1)
Attributes: B (20)
M/R: E (None)
Skills: A (46/10)
Resources: B (275,000)

Karma: 1

BOD 3 (4)
AGI 3 (4)
STR 2 (3)
ESS 4.1

Physical: 4 (5)
Mental: 8
Social: 5

Armor: 12

Bilingual [5]
Codeslinger (Brute Force) [10]
Overclocker [5]
Addiction (Mild, Cigarettes) [-4]
Addiction (Mild, Jazz) [-4]
Bad Rep [-7]
Dependants (Sister) [-6]
Records on File (NeoNET) [-1]

Athletics skill group 4
Automatics 4 (SMG +2)
Close Combat skill group 2
Computer 6 (Trace Icon +2)
Cybercombat 6 (Personas +2)
Electronic Warfare 5
Hacking 6 (Personas +2)
Hardware 4 (Cyberdecks +2)
Influence skill group 4
Perception 1
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Sneaking 2
Software 4
Throwing Weapons 1 (Grenades +2)

Knowledge Skills
Corporate Politics 3
Corporate Security Procedures (NeoNET +2) 3
Matrix Security (NeoNET Grid +2) 5
Sprawl Life 2

English N
German N
Cantonese 5

Fixer (L2/C2)
NeoNET Employee (L1/C1)

Augmentations (48,000)
Cybereyes Rating 2 [0.3] (6,000)
-Smart Link (4,000)
-Low-light vision (1,500)
-Flare Compensation (1,000)
-Thermographic Vision (1,500)
-Image link (1,000)
Datajack [0.1] (1,000)
Bone Lacing, Plastic [0.5] (8,000)
Muscle Replacement Rating 1 [1] (25,000)

Gear (227,480)
Novatech Navigator (205,750)
-Normal Mode (ASDF: 3/4/5/7, Programs Running: Configurator, Encryption, Signal Scrub)
-Attack Mode (ASDF 7/5/3/4, Programs Running: Decryption, Hammer, Lockdown)
-Vectored Signal Filter Module (Noise Reduction 2) (800)
-Legal Programs (Browse, Configurator, Encryption, Signal Scrub) (240)
-Hacking Programs (Biofeedback, Decryption, Hammer, Lockdown, Stealth, Track) (1,500)
Meta Link (100)
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit [9] (650)
-Helmet [2] (100)
2 Flash-bangs (200)
Ingram Smartgun X (800)
-100 Regular Rounds (200)
-30 Stick and Shock (240)
-80 Explosive Rounds (640)
-5 Spare Clips (2 Regular, 1 Stick-n-Shock, 2 Explosive) (25)
Fake SIN (Rating 4) (10,000)
Fake License (Cyberdeck) (Rating 4) (800)
Fake License (Hacking Programs) (Rating 4) (800)
Fake License (Gun Permit) (Rating 4) (800)
Middle Lifestyle, 1 month (6,000)
5 Doses of Jazz (375)

Karma Spent: 25 + 2 (Qualities) - 1 (Gear) - 25 (Int 4 to 5) = 1 Karma remaining

“So, you wanna hear about H-Wag, huh? Yeah, I’ve run with her a few times. Not the first time I’ve been asked about her, either – girl’s a damn enigma on the Matrix. Plenty of rumours, but I’ll give you the version I know as fact. H-Wag’s real name is Eliza Hetzer, and she’s part of the Hetzer family – you might have heard of them, they own a lot of stock in corps down in the CAS. So she was born into money and had it pretty easy most of her life. A corporate job seemed the natural place for her, so she signed up with NeoNET out of Atlanta.

She was just a typical security spider when she signed up, but within a few years she was running Matrix Security for NeoNET Atlanta. She has quite a reputation from her time there. Supposedly, she not only hunted down intruders in the Matrix, but she was an expert at tracking their meat bodies, too – and then she would lead the kill team to go take them out. Lots of deckers dead at her hands. A few that I knew personally. Do I bear a grudge? Nah, that’s the nature of life in the shadows, but I’d be lying if I said everyone feels the same about a former corp’ soldier.

Anyway, fast-forward a few more years. Sorry for being so vague, but at some point she had her SIN deleted, along with it any records of her working for NeoNET, so I’m just patching together what I can from hearsay and evidence. Like I was saying, she worked at NeoNET for a while when all of a sudden something happened that forced her into the shadows. What that was, no one is really sure and H-Wag sure as hell doesn’t like talking about it. The most prominent theory is that she was set up by some corp or another to look like a traitor, and NeoNET sicked her own kill team on her.

Well, she survived, obviously, got her SIN burned. Paid back that favor with a run or two, and before you know it she’s in the shadows like the rest of us. Damn fine decker, too, and not a bad girl to have beside you in a firefight. I’ve trusted her enough and she hasn’t let me down yet, so if your team ever needs some Matrix help, just get ahold of me.”
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« Reply #226 on: <12-05-16/1154:41> »
Looking For Work aswell

Hey chum's, I'd like to join a 5th Edition PbP Game. I usually tend to playing  technically-based characters. I buildt a rigger/face for now, but rly can fill in any other position aswell. I should be able to post 1-2 times a day. I'm German, but my English should be decent enough to play an Engish PbP aswell

Name: Jeremy Carrone
Aliases:  Star, Doll
Race:  Human
Sex:  Male
Nationality:  CAS
Lifestyle:  Middle - Special Work Area (payed for 1 month ahead)
Karma Spent:  none after character creation

Concept: Jeremy's an artist. By combining acting, self-made CGI-Trid-Projections and controlling human-looking drones, he created quite the uniqe stage-preformance-style. But life's tough for artists and Jeremy discovered that controlling drones, creatig large-scale trid-illusions and being a decent actor can be usefull in another kind of work. Therefore he runs the shadows, doubling as a rigger and face. But since he had become quite famous, Jeremy usually rarely shows his own face, controlling several anthropomorphic drones instead to meet up with Mr Johnson or his fellow runners.

Description: Jeremy's a quite tall but rather slim fellow. He tends to dress himself in a quite fashionable way, wearing suites and the likes. His skin has the light-brownish color pf latte macchiato and his eyes are bright-blue-colored. He's completly shaven, havin neither a beard nor top hair. This reveals his only visible pieces of 'ware: A datajack and a skilljack which are located behind his left and his right ear.

Character Sheet
System: SR 5D (should not be to different from 5E), all books
Build Path: Priorities (Sum to Ten)
Metatype: E (Human, 1)
Attributes: C (16)
M/R: E (None)
Skills: A (46/10)
Resources: A (450 000)


ESS 5,7

Physical: 3
Mental: 6
Social: 6

Positive Qualities:
Codeslinger (Controll Device)
Deale Connection (Drones)
Fame (National, CAS, New Orleans)
Inspired (Preformance)

Negative Qualities:
SINer (National, CAS)
Day Job (20 hours, CGI-creation, drone-scripting and stage performance)
Creature of Comfort (Middle)

Engineering 3
Electronics 2
Influence 5


Armourer 2
Con 4
Electronic Warfare (Sensor Operations) 6(8)
Gunnery (Ballistics) 6(8)
Navigation 1
Perception 1
Performace (Acting) 6(8)
Pilot Aircraft (Remote Operation) 4(6)
Pilot Groundcraft (wheeled) 5 (7)
Pilot Walker (remote operation) 5 (7)

Knowledge Skills
CGI creation 6
Trid Projectors 6
Dramaturgy 4
Drone software 2

English N


Fixer (Loyalty 2, Connection 3)
Agent (for performance-gigs) (Loyalty 4, Connection 4)
Drone-Vendor (Loyalty 2, Connection 3)

Transys Avalon Comlink
Proteus Poseidon RCC
[spoiler="Software"]Software for the RCC:
Signal Scrub, VM, Wrapper, Shell, Fork
Manouvering: Juan Drone, Sparring Drone, Flying Eye, GTS Tower, GMC Bulldog, Mercury Cruiser S; Rating 6 each
Targeting: Salvette Guardian, Ares Alpha; Rating 6 each
Clearsight: Flying Eye; Rating 6
Skillset: Juan (Performace, Acting) Rating 6[/spoiler]
Meta Link
Bug Scanner Rating 6
Reciever Dongle for Comlink
Automotive Mechanics Facility

Skilljack Rating 6
Sleep Regulator

GMC Bulldog
Quote from: Upgrades
Spoof Chip
Morphing License Plate

Power Train
Manual Controll Override

Anti Theft System Rating 2
Armor (Obvious) +7

Manual Drone Rack for Large Drones

Ejection Seats x6
Automotive Mechanics Workshop
Aeronautic Mechanics Workshop
Increased Seating: (additional 3 seats)

Electro Magnetic Shielding (2 Ports open, one for a preinstalled Transys Avalon, one to hook in the RCC)
GridLink with Override

Interior Cameras

Mercury Cruiser S
Quote from: Upgrades
Spoof Chip
Morphing License Plate

Power Train
Manual Controll Override

Anti Theft System Rating 2

GridLink with Override
Retrans Unit

Ameneties (High)

Criado Juan
Quote from: Modifications
Body -1
Armor +3
Sensor +1
Handling +3
Pilor 4
Realistic Features 4
Jeremy owns two of those. One has the look of a typical female spanish latina dancer, dark hair and eyes, wearing usually red clothing. The other one resembles a nordic european man, blonde hair, blue eyes and tall. Jeremy usually ony uses them for his performances and tries to keep them out of the shadows.

Sparring Drone x4
Quote from: Modifications
Armor +9
Handling +1
Sensor +1
Reaistic Features 2
This is Jeremys workforce for the shadows. Each of them is equiped with a armored jacket,a helemt and a Salvette Guardian Heavy Pistol with 2 clips of Gel Rounds and 2 clips of regular ammo. They`ve got SmartLink in their Visual Sensors and Jeremy took the meele-armor, which the drone usually wears by default, from them.

Horizon Flying eye x4
Quote from: Modifications
Armor +3
Handling +2
Sensor +2

Jeremy strapped two trid projectors to each of these drones (ruled the same as a spotlight-modification)

GTS Tower x1
Quote from: Modifications

Sensor 3
Retrans Unit
Usually rests in the Drone rack of the GMC Bulldog and holds the Flying Eye drones.


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« Reply #227 on: <12-06-16/2213:21> »

Can post most days
Character made for 5e using prioritygen
Physical Adept (ranged)

Name: Bryan Hobbes
Alias: Templar Delta
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Low
Physical Description: TD is an average height, stockily built human. His noticeable features are his wavy, unkempt hair and scar on his forehead. His voice is raspy. He moves decisively and talks as little as possible.
Personality/background TD fought as a merc in the AZ/AM war on the side of AZ. His squad was left for dead as AZ troops carpet bombed the entire area with noxious chemicals. He survived through the smoke and fumes somehow, but not without lasting lung problems (asthma) and a burning hatred for AZ. TD thinks over decisions carefully, but once he has made a choice it is difficult to dissuade him. He makes friends quickly with those he works with, but never trusts those he works for. He refuses to work for AZ unless there is a way to screw them over and get away with it. He runs the shadows because its the only kind of job he can get with his skillset, and for a chance to get back at AZ for what they did to him and his friends.


46(8 )3(4)4
3667(8 )+2d6

Positive Qualities
Adept, Ambidextrous, Daredevil, Hawk Eye, Quick Healer
Negative Qualities
Asthma, Emotional Attachment (M23), Flashbacks 1, Prejudice (Specific, Outspoken) (Aztechnology)

Active Skills
Athletics Skill Group2
First Aid3
Pilot Ground Craft1
Throwing Weapons1
Unarmed Combat1
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 2 free points)
Combat Tactics4
Area Knowledge1
Small Unit Tactics4
Security Companies2
Language Skills

Adept Powers
Combat Sense1--
Danger Sense1--
Enhanced Accuracy (Automatics)1--
Improved Ability (Skill) (Automatics)3--
Improved Physical Attribute (AGI)2--
Improved Reflexes 11--

Gear (XXXXX¥)
Armour Jacket1000¥
Armour Vest500¥
Helmet (Image link, smartlink, low light, flare comp, camera (1)2975¥
Colt M23 (Internal smartgun, foregrip, gas-vent 3, personalized grip, sling, custom link2215¥
Colt New Model Revolver (Personalized grip, concealable holster)430¥
Remington Suppressor (sound suppressor, personalized grip, concealable holster)950¥
Ares Crusader II (Internal smartgun, gas vent 2, personalized grip, quick draw holster)1105¥
Shock Gloves550¥
Combat Knife300¥
Earbuds rating 3 (Select sound 1, Spatial recognizer)1400¥
Medkit rating 3750¥
Medkit rating 61500¥
Autopicker rating 61500¥
Renraku Sensei1000¥
Bug scanner rating 6600¥
Fake Sin rating 410000¥
Fake Licenses rating 4 (Adept, Bounty hunter, Automatic weapons, concealed carry, drivers)4000¥
Gas Mask200¥
Respirator rating 6300¥
Credstick with 460¥465¥

Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit

Teofilo Aguirre (Armourer)3/3
Jasmine Thais Li (Street Doc)1/2


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« Reply #228 on: <12-18-16/0344:13> »
Looking for Work

Hey chummers, I've been itching for a good Shadowrun game, but my RL friends and I can never find a time that works with our schedules.  So, I figured I'd give the PbP version a try.  I can post at least 3-5 times a week.

For characters, I prefer not to fully stat them out ahead of time (although I will have a rough idea of their build), because every GM has their own preferences for chargen.  I'd also like to go over any rules gray areas with the GM before finishing the character's stats.  I generally gravitate towards combat-oriented characters, whether they're street samurai or physical adepts, but sometimes branch out to riggers, deckers, and face characters.  Spellslingers hold little appeal to me, though.

Here are a few of the (many, many) characters that I have bouncing around in my head.  I'm always up for making a new one to fill a role, though.

Knife and Pix, elven go-gangers
[spoiler]Members of the Hellriders go-gang, these two elves had two very different reactions to growing up on the rough streets of the Sixth World.  Knife developed the force of personality to stop a fight before it started, backed up by being very willing to fight dirty if it happened anyway.  Pix learned to just fade into the background whenever trouble came her way.  Both, though, decided to take racial slurs they'd heard constantly- "knife-ear" and "pixie"- and own them as shadow identities, as a statement that they wouldn't just lie down and submit to those bigger and stronger than them.  Knife is very skilled in a wide variety of weapons, particularly those that create the largest holes in people, and has a tendency to carry more of them around than he really needs to.  Pix is an infiltration specialist and a proficient decker.  Both also know what they're doing on motorcycles and other wheeled vehicles, and spent some time competing in the underground Combat Biking circuit before getting involved with the Hellriders.

Note: I originally made Knife and Pix for a weekly game where we all had two characters each due to the small number of players.  While they have a lot of shared backstory and are intended to complement one another, I'm just as happy to play either individually.[/spoiler]

Ironclad, human street samurai
[spoiler]Ironclad is a heavily chromed veteran of the Urban Brawl circuit.  Some of his augmentations came from seeking a competitive edge in Urban Brawl, some were replacements for important bits blown off when that edge wasn't enough.  While he still competes regularly in the arenas, he's also perfectly willing to take on some legbreaking work for extra nuyen on the side.  While he's proficient in ranged weaponry, his real forte is close combat, where he tends to charge in with a sword and shield like a crusader from ancient times.  One part of his life that he does his level best to keep under wraps is his daughter.  While he no longer has visitation rights from the fallout of his failed marriage, he still pays child support and keeps an eye on her from a distance.  And if he sees anyone making a threatening move in her direction, he will personally remove their spine.  Yes, literally.[/spoiler]

Thirteen, human driver
[spoiler]If it moves, Thirteen can drive it, and he'll make sure you know he can do it better than you.  While many drivers compete in street racing to earn money, Thirteen does it just for the thrill of driving, with the money just an afterthought.  Taking part in a shadowrun is even more exciting, so long as part of it involves driving around at utterly demented speeds.  He rarely thinks before acting, although in fairness that mindset has worked out for him pretty well so far.  There have been so many times that he's won a race that by all rights he should have lost that several people have accused him of cheating, but so far all of the evidence points to him actually just being that lucky.  His arrogance still annoys the frag out of most people he meets, though.[/spoiler]

Raze, ork decker
[spoiler]Most orks are known for being good at smashing things with axes and other large weapons.  It may come as a surprise to meet one who instead focuses on the intricate workings of the Matrix.  It will be much less of a surprise to find out that Raze applies the standard ork mindset to the digital world- smash anything that gets in your way.  He has little patience for minor concerns like avoiding alarms, but when it comes to bricking an enemy's smartgun or crushing IC, he is second to none.  Of course, being an ork, he is also perfectly capable of contributing to a physical fight, both at range and up close, though he's not nearly on the level of a dedicated warrior.  He also has more than a few ins with the underground community, which comes in handy when he belatedly remembers that setting off alarms is a bad thing.[/spoiler]

Happy gaming to you all!


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« Reply #229 on: <01-18-17/1653:51> »
Hey folks, I'm looking for an SR game or two. These days, I can probably post 4-5 times a week thanks to a much improved headspace. While I don't have any specific cards to list here, I do have several characters in mind that I'd like to play out. However, given my lack of SR these days I'd be willing to play in almost any game.

Eagle shapeshifter

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« Reply #230 on: <02-08-17/1953:54> »
These are characters i created in chummer with 400bp and all books... some may not be legal for profesional play though...

Big gun bill is a hulking orc with a minigun replacing his right arm and he rarely talks but when he does it is through a near broken voice modulator

Bishop is a centaur who can duel wield assault rifles and occasionally pulls out a assault cannon... he is the weapons expert

Cicada is a quirky little pixy combat mate just looking to have fun he is very hard to spot and will most like burn you before you do spot him

The exorcist is a native American eagle shapeshifter with a spirit pact and a mentor sport and the ability to summon and bond spirits... he is all about spirits

Wraith is a natarki gunslinger who quad wields heavy pistols and acts a lot like reaper in the the overwatch game now that I think about it...

Cortana is an AI which is housed inside an attack helicopter she finds metahumans to be peculiar and dumb... definatly not a face

Mirage is an elf spy and assassin with a sick motorcycle who is WAY too cocky... but with good reason.. kinda...

Shamada is a troll adapt with a huge long bow and a vibro great sword he is all around quiet terrifying except he is dumb as rocks

I will upload some more characters soon... if you want to see their chummer files shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send them to you... thanks!

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« Reply #231 on: <02-09-17/1944:45> »
ok here is the final batch of runners i got... (sorry i get a bit obsessive about rpg's)

Volchitsa is a wolf shapeshifter who leads a small pack of wolves around doing whatever the crap she wants... it's like a wolf field trip...

Recome is a Sasquatch boxer who is incredible at his job... and that's it... yep...

Webs is a shady smuggler who always has another agenda with very sticky fingers and incredible swimming skills, and even a small boat!

Wheeljack is a dwarf technomancer and a good mechanic who enjoys battles in the matrix because his icon is AWESOME ( Wheeljack form transformers G1)

once again i am pretty much happy with any game and i have a character for every situation so all i really need is somebody to play with i would prefer 4th edition because that is only one i know... but i am desperate at this point! if you would like to see any of these characters' stats just send me a Personal Message with your email and i'll send them to you... i can post pretty much every day except for Sundays.... i'll be making a new thread to try and get these guys some work so be looking out for that... Thanks!

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« Reply #232 on: <02-09-17/2256:31> »
ok so i was just informed that i might have to change my characters to 5th edition... i know how to change them... the only problem is i don't know how to play them... so i will be very happy to play 4th edition but still willing to play 5th but the gm will have to help me for a while... sorry... anyway i am still looking for jobs and i will post again when i have all the character updated to 5th


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« Reply #233 on: <02-10-17/1959:41> »
Looking for Work

An Elven Shaman from the Salish-Sidhe council. (Made according to the Core rulebook with extras taken from the other books, is willing to change to other character creation methods if need be)

Available: Whenever you need me, my free time is ridiculous.

Also, I'm pretty new to Shadowrun...but hey, I'm always up for learning a new system after gulping the lore down. :D


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« Reply #234 on: <05-14-17/1527:01> »
Status: Employed

Infiltration specialist
Availability: GMT+8, near-constant computer access

400 points all books

EDIT: 4th edition

Race: Elf
Abilities 200
Qualities +4, -20
Skils 144
Gear 34
Contacts 8

Brief description: Former Tir Tangire covert ops squad leader, discharged due to kamikaze abuse

Full character sheet and history: here
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« Reply #235 on: <05-22-17/1616:00> »
Looking for Work

Can post any day,  multiple per day (Disability helps sometimes)
5th Edition Character, using Priority System (Skills A, Attributes B, Resources C, Race D, Magic E)
Weapons Specialist / Investigative Reporter

Name: Dr. Jeanette Porter
Alias: Coruscate, formerly Nose4News
Race: Home Sapiens Nobilis
Sex: Female
Nationality: UCAS (Seattle)
Lifestyle: Low (Cheap Apartment in Redmond)
Physical Description: 5' 8", Blue cybereyes, Fiber Optic Hair, Fair Skin, Chain Smoker. Uses fiber optic hair, disguises and variable breast enhancement to change her appearance often.
Personality/background Dr. Porter is a former investigative reporter for KSAF. She did the field research, and supplied the data for the anchors. Father was a weapons designer for Ares, until the failure of the Excalibur project caused him to take his own life. Mother was a BTL junkie, also suicide. Jaded by the lack of coverage on recent scandals and happenings, she struck out on her own. Does hooder work most often, but does other jobs as well, because altruism doesn't keep the lights on.

Chummer Link


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« Reply #236 on: <06-17-17/0224:25> »
Looking for Work

Can post almost everyday.
5th Edition Character, Core Rules
Decker or Shaman

Name: Joan Spotted Elk
Alias: Vyperbyte (if Decker)
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
This is all I got right now.  I'm new at this game, so new I've still got that new gal smell.  Trying to absorb these fricking rules!  Anyhoo, looking to play a game with some very patient, very understanding players and DM.  All I've got is the 5th ed Core rules and haven't any ref books, so hopefully something basic and easy?


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« Reply #237 on: <07-14-17/1958:45> »
Status: By Character
 Can post daily or commit to a time slot for a live session.
5e Life Modules (characters can be modified to fit other build systems)
No preference for character roles,  but new to system, so active Magic and Matrix characters may be rocky.
Missing some notes, so certain characters are just frameworks.

Alias: Solid Snake
Role: Street Samurai
Notable details: Naga Adept tank, with skills relating to stealth and martial combat.

Alias: Seven
Role: Street Samurai/Assassin
Notable details: Cybered-up "modular man". Both his limbs and personality are tailored to complete the mission.

Alias: Dop
Role: Infiltrator
Notable details: Adept able to mimic other metahumans down to a biochemical level.

Alias: Bolt
Role: Street Samurai
Notable details: Absurdly agile Adept notorious for his acrobatic and called shot prowess.

Alias: Dice
Role: Rigger
Notable details: Unassuming human with a habit of getting very lucky.

Alias: Truman
Role: Technomancer
Notable details: Gnome

Role: Decker
Notable details:

Role: Mage
Notable details:

Role: Face/Mage
Notable details:
I think a well-played “special snowflake” character is far more engaging and contributes more to a game than a character made only for top stats/skills.


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« Reply #238 on: <09-12-18/1723:18> »

New to Shadowrun, been pouring over the books for the past week or so, so I should a have a semi-decent understanding of most things. Currently just one character ready-to-play, but have more in the works. With regards to posting, I should usually manage at least once or twice a day, more depending on what day it is.

Name: Miho Asahari / Black Swan
Role: Face/Gunslinger type. Simple but effective.
Brief Background: Originally a famed singer from Japan, she fell to the shadows after a traumatic kidnapping she barely managed to survive. She was rescued by runners, and ended up running away with and being trained by one of them.

Miho was built with standard priority. Any further characters will be sum to ten.

I'll post some further details when I have access to the sheets.
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« Reply #239 on: <09-13-18/2057:19> »

I can probably do 3 post a week. I don't know anyone in my town that plays shadowrun, it makes me sad. I've never done play by post before but I'm dying to try this character out and test the concept.

This is Broken Bear.
She's what I like to call a Chrome Paladin.
Her background explains everything.
I made her in Chummer5, using Priorities.

Check her out, see if she's good for your team, if you like what you see, drop me a message, I'll call a guy that knows a guy, and we can set up a meeting so she can see if she likes the job you're offering.
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