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Status: Looking for work!

My character has a few mission under her belt, mostly from Official Catalyst Gamelabs missions run during DragonCon 2015.

Name: Nyx Cameron
Alias: Spitfire
Race: Elf (appears human)
Sex: Female
Nationality: Irish
Role: Decker
Lifestyle: Middle
Karma Spent: 74
Physical Description: Slender, Dyed Black Hair, Human Ears (her parents had them altered when she was born)

Born in Ireland in the 90's Nyx grew up rather normally until the awakening happened, her sister and most of the world now attuned to magic caused her to drop from school and take up an offer from a friend of hers to join in a little street gang. Eventually that gang was absorbed into the IRA where she served with little distinction until the invention of the cyberdeck, after getting her hands on one and proving her worth she served the IRA in a support capacity until the bombing of the SAS base, having been directly involved with so many deaths she distanced herself from the IRA only to be dragged back  in the year 2069, now on the run from Z squad and having fled to UCAS her only contacts remain what few IRA friends she has, and her skills as a decker.

Attributes: See Pdf at bottom of post, google docs for the win.

Body: 5 (6) with plastic bone-lacing.Agility: 4Reaction: 5 For Official Catalyst Missions. This is after I updated the character over the weekend. For use with normal shadowrun games using most recent rules.

Custom Equipment:

Mysterious Datajack - A lore item for another game, you can ignore if you wish it has no baring on any PBP games.

Chrysalis Commlink - Used in a previous mission it holds dirt on the mayor of Seattle and his dirty dealings, again I can drop it if you want.

Ababinili Shotgun Shell -  Now this one I am quite proud of, after earning the money and regents necessary in a game hosted by a home GM, I used her contact, Valarie Cameron to make a Fire Ruby and some Orchellium into a Force One Fire Spirit summon, all magic for the summon is allocated and the drain nearly killed her sister, but it has a simple enchantment to summon the spirit on impact with something, and owes one favor to Nyx, this is a weird custom item I know and it dosent have to be any part of a campaign I'm just very proud of actually making this thing, a simple flight of fancy nothing more, ignore if you wish if not ill probably never use it as it took almost a whole years of games to make and more money than I care to share. If it was in game I would apply the negative attribute to he cybergun of Emotional Attachment and not take the negative karma but still using the effects to indicate how much she actually cares about this shell.
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  • /u/ockbald's here!
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Status: Looking For Work

Name: Hector Garza
Alias: Hawkhorn
Metatype: Troll
Sex: Male
Nationality: Spanish
Role: Street Samurai
Lifestyle: Low
Karma Spent: 25 (from character creation)
Physical Description: A big, burly Troll with huge and archaic cyber limbs, Hawkthorn looks like an obvious Shadowrunner. His body is a weapon, unwieldy, ugly, terrible. Yet the usual expression of the blue eye troll is an almost zen-like calm. His movements are often calculated, elegant in a way and his voice while thunderous and gruff is often in a respectful tone.

Hector Garza was born in a poor family in Madrid, his mother was a troll and was a second class citizen. Garza was never the violent type, he let himself be bullied and suffer all sort of humiliation at the hands of the population of Madrid. As his mother taught him, he was bigger and stronger than others, fighting back would harm them and sour him.

A sweet troll kid enduring all short of crap.

But even with a strong guidance, sometimes the violence cycle is just meant to be.
Captured by Ares, the peaceful habitant of the Outer Rim of Madrid was experimented upon, treated as an animal. His body was
chopped, experimented, tampered with.
He became a weapon. But that was just the beginning of his torment.

See, the executive that captured Hawkhorn did so because he wished to cleanse some of the Outer Rim "filth".
He would have his squads capture some squatters and homeless people, then he would unleash the angry troll on them, wielding an
executioner's axe.
Garza would execute them by chopping their head's off.

The gentle troll was caged into the wickedness of a man who used Garza's size, his strength and his monstrous machine body as a sport.
He had forgotten what freedom was.
That's it, until a group of Shadowrunners entered the picture.

They hadn't come there for the Troll, but when the corporate man ordered his "pet" to kill the heavily armed freelancers, the Troll
simply refused. For they were not his usual prey, of defenseless bums.
The group saved Hector, one of them, a colorful shaman named Talking Bull said "You are free to go from this nightmare.Live your life, free as a hawk."
Adopting the code name "Hawkhorn" ever since, the Troll decided to study up on who were those people. He soon learned about the
Shadowrun community, a community he calls now home.
For many, being a Shadowrunner is a business.
To Hawkhorn is all he has left.

Character Sheet: created using Chummer 5e

Summary of Atributes:

Summary of Implants:
Bone Lacing (Titanium) 1,5 Standard SR5 454
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 6, STR 6, Physical 8 ) (Left) 1 Standard SR5 456
Armor 3; Enhanced Agility 3; Enhanced Strength 3
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 6, STR 6, Physical 8 ) (Right) 1 Standard SR5 456
Armor 3; Enhanced Agility 3; Enhanced Strength 3; Armor 1
Obvious Full Leg (AGI 3, STR 3, Physical 6) (Left) 1 Standard SR5 456
Hydraulic Jacks 1; Armor 3
Obvious Full Leg (AGI 3, STR 3, Physical 6) (Right) 1 Standard SR5 456
Hydraulic Jacks 1; Armor 3
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« Reply #212 on: <09-25-15/2148:59> »
Availability: I can post at least once a day if not multiple times a day.
I have access to pretty much all the books and am willing to play any edition and am ok with character race/class restrictions if any. I like to play quirky characters with personality that make things interesting.  Probably a street sam, magician or rigger would be what i would want to play in order of interest.
I haven't played shadow run in about 10 years and that was only a small handful of games. However I have played dungeons and dragons quite a bit so I am not new to the concept of table top.


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« Reply #213 on: <10-01-15/1632:48> »
Status: Looking for Work
Availability: Can post at least once a day, maybe more
Preferred Role: Up for anything really, want to test out some characters
Preferred Game Style: Medium-High, mix of fighting/intrigue.
Preferred System: 5th Edition.


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« Reply #214 on: <10-10-15/0148:53> »
Looking for work!

Availability: I should be able to post 1-2x per day most days
Preferred role: I have a Drone Rigger that is 95% done, just tweaking gear,and possibly a stat or two, here and there, until finally satisfied.  I also have a combat medic and a face at different stages of construction.  All are built (being built) with the priority system.  Rigging is my passion and he is who I would most prefer to use; I will give some more general info below and once I have my Google Doc sheet ready, I will add a link so you can see the specifics.
Preferred game style: I like a good healthy mix of pink mohawk and professional.
Books: I have the following books for 5E: Core, Run & Gun, Stolen Souls, Nothing Personal, Gun H(e)aven 3, and Data Trails.  I also have books for 4E, but strongly prefer to participate in a 5E game.
Next purchase(s): When I finally feel the need, two books are on my "To buy" list - Run Faster and Chrome Flesh.

Downlow on my rigger:
Given Name: Bjønne (Pronounced, more or less, Bee-On-EEE) Andersen
Street Name: Corgak
Alias(es): Ben Samson (Surveillance Consultant) - Rating 4 Fake SIN, Andrea Purcerelli - Rating 1 Fake SIN, & Himura Seijin - Rating 1 Fake SIN
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Nationality: Caucasian
Lifestyle: Low + workspace
Role: Drone and vehicle support, Operational Overwatch, Transportation
Preferred Runs: Data Steal, extraction and insertion, demolition, and delivery; prefers runs to be non-lethal, but will kill if necessary.

Build: Priority - Meta: C Attribute: D Magic: E Skill: B Resources: A

Character Sheet:

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« Reply #215 on: <10-18-15/1742:25> »

Wraith: 5th Editioon Dwarven Decker/Rigger
Wraith is a decker looking for a few good metas because he's tired of being hunted alone, and knows his odds are better when someone has his back. He's moved a few times to escape the long arm of the Megacorps and hasn't heard from them in years, but he can never shake the feeling that his one-time corporate masters haven't forgotten him.

I've only played SR once or twice before this character, with whom I have yet to play in a game, however I've played Pathfinder, WoD, Star Wars d20, and D&D (3 and 3.5) for years.

Available every night at Pacific time.

I look forward to playing with you guys!

Sheet in Brief:
Priorities: A: Skills; B: Resources; C: Meta; D: Attributes; E: Magic.
Skills (High to low): 6 points: Electronics Grp, Elect. Warfare, Hacking, Pistols; 4 points: Stealth Group, Pilot Aircraft, Perception, Locksmith. 3 or less: Medley.
Gear: Control rig (1),  Hermes Chariot, MTC-Nissan Roto-Drone, Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit, Ares Predator, various cybernetics and misc. gear.
Current SIN: William Richards (Fake).

Full details in a HeroLab file at Feedback is welcome!

UPDATE: Included a backstory in the form of the dialogue of a fixer asking a hacker to run a background check.
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« Reply #216 on: <11-01-15/1308:42> »
Looking For Work, 5e
Jester, Made using pure point buy from Run Faster (800 Karma).  Specializes in breaking into things, spying on things and assassinating things.



Preferred Role: Physical Infiltration.  Has the skills and the gear to eliminate guards quietly as well as break into just about anything.  Has gear options for a stealth run as well as runs where firefights are expected to happen.

DeckerK!D, also made using Point Buy from Run Faster.  A rich kid who got really fragging hated the idea of running the family business.  Spent a load of money on decking tools so he could run with the best of them and have some fun on the side.

Preferred role: Decking.  Has the skills, has the hardware.

Both of these characters are available most nights after 8PM Eastern.

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« Reply #217 on: <11-03-15/1707:45> »
Ad:  WORK!!

Name: Drek Beldrum
Alias: Zeroman
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 154lbs
Age: 28
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Light

Drak "Zeroman" Beldrum walks with an air of professionalism, staying in nice clothes and a clean sports jacket over top. Long red hair wrapped into a point tail goes down his back. He appears not much different on a run, preferring to stay as least obvious as much as possible whether it is day or night time. He carries a silenced machine pistol and a multi-tool survival knife with him and procures what else he needs on site, if not before the run.

Distinctive Style - hand-to-hand combat causing broken bones and injuries.

Drak started running messages and gear for local L.A. gangs back and forth to members in a gang or to another gang. This built him a reputation in the area as someone not involved all the L.A. gangs that can move things and he was treated as neutral. During his young adult years, he was ambushed once by a group of thugs and he couldn't defend himself from them and lost the package he was running. He took a few years off to practice martial arts and achieved his awakening into Adept magic style. Now, he leaves broken bones and unconscious thugs when he is intercepted, only improving his reputation in L.A. He took the name "Zeroman" after his reputation grew and decided to go into more profitable line of work with Shadowruns.

After a few runs, Drak felt that he needed dedicated backup on his side and permanently hired a brother and sister team of hackers to watch over him. She, Freyja, watches through security cams, and the other, Freyr, through his augmented eyes, bringing a live feed to his friends. They work together on every run and split pay accordingly for their apartment in the lower districts, though it is equipped with a dedication section for their hacking and decking needs. Also, they have built a dedicated and controlled server for commlink communications, making it harder to intercept their conversations between them and the other runners with Zeroman.

Drak doesn't trust many outside of his team of hackers and the fellow shadowrunners working with him at the time. Anyone he is not around during a run, find little trust from him, including Mr. Johnson and even the fixers that get him work.Though having his trust means that he will make sure that everyone is on the same page, not keeping secrets from his fellow runners, and making sure that his fellow runners remain safe until the end of the run.

Drak avoids permanent employment from any one group, so he doesn't have someone commanding him or trying to control his actions or decisions. He also avoids death when possible, bloodshed will happen, but he will avoid killing his opponents when possible.   -   Basic character stats.

*New to playing Shadowrun but have a handle on the rules and quick to learn. I can post at least once a day, probably more.*
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Zeroman Speech
Freyr Speech
Freyja Speech

[I did not make my avatar and give all credit to the artist that did.]


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« Reply #218 on: <02-16-16/1448:29> »
Sources: 5e Core
Build: Established Runners
Built Using: Hero Lab
Character Sheet Link (.por):
Character Sheet Link (.pdf):
Character Sheet Link (.txt):

... will write one up appropriate to Game/GM preference ...

Jean-Erik de Quere
B 3, A 4, R 2, S 3, W 3, L 4, I 3, C 2, ESS 4.96, EDG 5
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10 / 10
Armor: 14
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 5, Social 4
Physical Initiative: 5+1D6
Matrix Initiative: 7+3D6
Active Skills: Automatics 6, Cracking Group 5, Electronics Group 5, Gymnastics 6, Navigation 6, Perception 6, Pilot Ground Craft 6, Pistols 6, Running 6, Sneaking 4
Knowledge Skills: Business 2, Electrical Engineering 3, Sprawl Life 3
Languages: English N, German 2, Japanese 2, Spanish 2
Qualities: Natural Hardening, Quick Healer, Toughness, Will to Live (1)
. . Cybereyes (Alphaware) (3) w/ Image Link (Alphaware)
. . Datajack (Alphaware)
. . Image Link (Alphaware)
. . Smartlink (Alphaware)
. . Symbiotes (Alphaware) (2)
. . Thermographic Vision (Alphaware)
. . Rover Model 2072 [Handling 5/4, Speed 4, Accel 2, Body 15, Armor 12, Pilot 2, Sensor 4, Seats 6]
. . Actioneer Business Clothes
. . Agent (4)
. . AR Gloves
. . Armor
. . Armor Jacket
. . Baby Monitor
. . Biofeedback
. . Biofeedback Filter
. . Blackout
. . Browse
. . Configurator
. . Decryption
. . Defuse
. . Demolition
. . Edit
. . Encryption
. . Exploit
. . Fork
. . Guard
. . Hammer
. . Hazmat Suit
. . Helmet
. . Hermes Chariot w/ Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim
. . Lockdown
. . Mugger
. . Respirator (6)
. . Seb Bach w/ Fake License: Automatics (2), Fake License: Cyberdeck (2), Fake License: Pistols (2), Fake SIN (2)
. . Shell
. . Signal Scrub
. . Sneak
. . Stealth
. . Tom Hunter w/ Fake License: Automatics (4), Fake License: Cyberdeck (4), Fake License: Pistols (4), Fake SIN (4), (1 month) High Lifestyle
. . Toolbox
. . Track
. . Urban Explorer Jumpsuit
. . Virtual Machine
. . Wrapper
. . AK-97 [Assault Rifle, Acc 7, DV 12P(f), AP +3, SA/BF/FA, 38 (c)] w/ Flashlight, Thermographic, (60x) Flechette Rounds, Smartgun System, External, Spare Clips, (20x) Tracer Rounds
. . Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 7, DV 10P(f), AP +4, SA, 15 (c)] w/ Flashlight, Thermographic, (50x) Flechette Rounds, Smartgun System, External, Smartgun System, Internal, Spare Clips
. . Flechette Rounds (Assault Rifle) x60 [Acc 0, DV +2(f), AP +5]
. . Flechette Rounds (Heavy Pistol) x50 [Acc 0, DV +2(f), AP +5]
. . Tracer Rounds (Assault Rifle) x30 [Acc 0, DV –, AP –]
Beat Cop (Connection 4, Loyalty 2)
Starting ¥: 2,125 + (5D6 × 500)¥
Ammunition & Resources:
. . AK-97 - Flechette Rounds x38
. . Ares Predator V - Flechette Rounds x15
. . Edge Pool - 0/5
. . Flechette Rounds (Assault Rifle) - 60/60
. . Flechette Rounds (Heavy Pistol) - 50/50
. . Tracer Rounds (Assault Rifle) - 30/30

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« Reply #219 on: <02-29-16/2145:01> »
*Accepted: Welcome to JackPoint, Flickr

Hey chummers. I'm a new cat in town. Sorry for the accent, English is a damn hard language to wrap your mouth around. I was doing some work in Manhattan, and things went well. Really well. Which is why I skipped town, before those goons could crack down on every manaslinger in town and drag me into those dark rooms we don't get out of.  Long story short, I got some assets but life gets pricey, and I need work. There are skills, and there are things you won't do. I have the first in spades: if it can be hurt, maimed, destroyed, banished, whatever, I can make it go away. I'll wipe out that humanis chapter. I'll crack the walls into that building like it's made of paper and budget cuts. I'll carve that nest of bug spirits into mincemeat. You need that policlup chair to run into a fire-spirit on the way into a meeting? No problem, he'll be cinders. I'm damn good, and if you're footing the bill I'll give your money's worth and more.

The things I won't do, well, there aren't many but they're big. I will not f*** with the Elven nations. They made me who I am, and I owe them a hell of a lot more then not busting their chops, but I can't give them more then that. I catch you messing with them, and we have a problem. Killing the environment, that won't fly with me. I'm no bleeding heart hippy, but the planet has given me everything, and I won't sink an oil tanker just to mess up a trade agreement. I'll blow up a building, but I won't burn down a forest for money, that thinking got us into the mess we have now.

I'll conjure, I'll kill, I'll steal, and I'll make an example of the pathetic slave-mages that try to stop you. I got your back, and I won't tell a soul a damn thing about you. The stories I get on the job, well those I keep.There was one time, this wired up goon from the CAS got the drop on me. Embarrassing, I know. But the best part? He had me dead to rights, cocked and loaded with EX, ready to turn my torso into a close up of the moon, and the bastard drew a sword! Are you kidding? I was done, and this rookie actually drops his aim and tries to execute me! Well, the extra second gave me the time to pull up a real doozy of a spell and melt the cybereyes into his head. But I digress.

I need a good fixer, and I'm not worth a damn if you need some fancy matrix sorcery. I can be quiet, I can be loud, I can get folks to play along. You need these jobs done, there's an address on the bottom. If you guys need a good talismonger, I cost more then then Manadyne, but my goods are no drek, and I don't check your license or let the suits know you bought something.

So I'm making myself a combat/manipulation mage. He is going to be an Elf from  one of the elven nations, spend all of his contacts on elves from back home, and focus on great big fancy things. I'm a very, very experienced PbP player, by which I mean I'm at 4500 posts and have been a member of the site since 2008 (a different site, which I won't advertise here - though it has fancy formatting, individual game folders and a built in dice-roller with options purpose built to make everything easy!). I'm not overly experienced in Shadowrun, but with some university experience in Law and Business I excel at rules, and you can reference my posts elsewhere here on the site for my writing style and command of the language, or I can provide further writing samples.

NOTE: A background, a character sheet, and a physical/personality description will be provided.
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« Reply #220 on: <04-19-16/0015:55> »
> Welcome to RU3M0R3M1LL's Private Chat.
> Enter Password:

> ***************
> Password Accepted. Welcome,

RU3: hey chummer, what's up?
Lady: There's no work.
RU3: say no more, I know just the place.

Please wait. Redirecting.

Hey folks,
I'm looking for some PBP Shadowrun action. I have a plethora of characters ready to go. I'll list them below.
I'm in EST, and I can post several times a week (possibly daily, if anyone else has as little of a life as I do.
I have access to all the books from 4th and 5th.
I've just discovered chummer, so I'll be able to throw all my characters into PDF's in google drive for you.
I also have more character concepts that I haven't actually built yet, so if you need something that isn't listed, but like my flavour, let me know what role you need filled!

Status: seeking employment
Name: Clara Cavanaugh
Alias: Lady.
Role: Face
Notes: Adept. Seductress.
Flavour: A Face you won't forget, unless you kiss her - and let's be honest, you probably will.
Created With: Chummer 5th. Priority System.

Status: seeking employment FILES MISSING
Name: Alina Morozova
Alias: Bliss
Notes: Illusion Mage.
Flavour: Abducted into a benraku parlour, only to be saved by a John in cahoots with the madame of another brothel - who soon discovered her skills would be of better use elsewhere.
Character Files: To Be Updated Soon
Created With: Chummer 4th. Karma.

Status: seeking employment FILES MISSING
Name: Wendy [Surname Unknown]
Alias: Minnow
Notes: Shaman.
Flavour: Parapalegic lolita with a spirit bound in her plush turtle. Great at what she does, but prone to tantrums.
Character Files: To Be Updated Soon
Created With: Priority System, 5th Edition

Status: seeking employment FILES MISSING
Name: Molly Herron
Alias: Ani (short for 'that Animal chick')
Notes: Dryad with Neoteny, Cyclopean Eye, Extravagant Eyes. Three dogs named Squire, Charming and Bubba.
Flavour: A unicorn, bandit and merlin hawk walk into a bar. Molly tends to their injuries.
Character Files: To Be Updated Soon
Created With: Karma, 4th edition, Chummer.
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<< Matrix
Sign Language


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« Reply #221 on: <05-20-16/0948:38> »

Availability very open, able to post multiple times/day

5th Ed, built using Life Modules, still working on getting full char sheet off the scratch paper it's built on

Name: James Moriarty
Previous Alias: Bloodhound
Metatype: Human
Sex: Male
Awakened: Believed former otaku
Age: 30

Recently returned, this private eye has seen more than his fair share of ups and downs. His history is something he rarely talks about, and none of his old contacts are around to share it. What little is known about him so far is that he's innately familiar with Seattle, just started running a little part-time detective agency, and spends a fair bit of his free time working for little pay at the local community college and high school giving lessons in literature. Word on the street is he's some sort of burnout, looking for purpose. Word in the shadows is disturbingly quiet, especially for someone who seems to have been a long-time local in the past. Such clean slates are expected of newcomers fresh to the streets, natives should have some sort of background.

Zen Gypsy

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« Reply #222 on: <05-22-16/1109:20> »
Benoit Christianson, aka, Echo

[spoiler=Open Surveillance Footage? <Y/N>]

Name: Bryant Champagne
Alias: Benoit Christianson, aka, Echo
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS, Francophone
Lifestyle: Middle
Karma Spent:  0 of 0
Physical Description: XXXXX
Personality/background XXXXX


61 (7 Avg/9 Cyberlimb)5 (7)1 (7 Avg/9 Cyberlimb)

Positive Qualities
Acrobatic Defender
Natural Athlete
Negative Qualities
Code of Honor
Insomnia (Basic)
Social Stress

Active Skills
Outdoors Skill Group1
Stealth Skill Group2

Automatics (SMG's)6 (8 [10])Reflex Recorder [Automatics]]  (16 [18])[Left or Right Cyberarm)
Etiquette (Corporate)2 (4 [6])
Gymnastics (Parkour)1 (4 [6])  (10 [12][Avg Agility Value])
Perception (Visual)5 (10 [12])
Pilot: Groundcraft (Wheeled)1 (8 [10])
Running (Sprinting)1 (4 [6]) (10 [12][Avg Strength Value])
Unarmed (Cyber Implant)5 (6 [8]) (14 [16])[Right Cyberarm])
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic (4) + Intuition (5)] x 3 free points)
Alcohol (Scotch & Whiskey)1 (6 [8])
Area Knowledge: Montreal (Ville St. Laurent)1 (6 [8])
Security Tactics (Rapid Response)4 (8 [10])
Small Unit Tactics (Urban)1 (6 [8])
Underworld (Drugs)1 (6 [8])
Language Skills
English5 [10]

Reflex Recorder (Automatics)0.1014000¥XXXXX

Bone Lacing (Aluminum)1.0018000¥SR5 pg.460
Cybereyes Basic System (Rtg. 1)0.207750¥SR5 pg.453
Display Link0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 453
Flare Compensation1 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 453
Smart Link3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 453
Datajack0.101000¥SR5 pg.452
Obvious Full Arm (Left) Alphagrade0.8076500¥SR5 pg.456(Agility 9, Strength 9, Physical 11)
Armor (Rtg 1)1 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Agility (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Strength (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Agility (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Strength (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Cyberarm Gyromount8 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Obvious Full Arm (Right) Alphagrade0.8075750¥SR5 pg.456(Agility 9, Strength 9, Physical 11)
Armor (Rtg 1)1 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Agility (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Strength (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Agility (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Strength (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Spurs3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 458
Obvious Full Leg (Left)1.0081000¥SR5 pg.456(Agility 9, Strength 9, Physical 11)
Armor (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Agility (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Strength (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Agility (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Strength (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Hydralic Jacks (Rtg 4)4 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 457
Obvious Full Leg (Right)1.0081000¥SR5 pg.456(Agility 9, Strength 9, Physical 11)
Armor (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Agility (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Customized Strength (Rtg 6)0 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Agility (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Enhanced Strength (Rtg 3)3 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 456
Hydralic Jacks (Rtg 4)4 Capacityincl. aboveSR5 pg. 457
Reaction Enhancers (Rtg 2)0.6026000¥SR5 pg.455

Gear (XXXXX¥)
Form Fit Body Armor1600¥
Custom FitRG pg.59
ConcealabilityRG pg.59
Bio-MonitorSR5 pg.450

Mortimer of London:  Berwick Suit2600¥
Custom FitRG pg.59

Mortimer of London:  Greatcoat5500¥
Custom Fit (Stack)RG pg.59
ConcealabilityRG pg.59
Chemical Protection (Rtg 4)SR5 pg.437
Nonconductivity (Rtg 6)SR5 pg.438

Clothing:  Hooded Poncho3020¥
Thermal Dampening (Rtg 6)SR5 pg.438

Bike Racing Helmet200¥

Securetech PPP:  Legs Kit300¥

Securetech PPP:  Vitals Kit350¥

FN P93 Praetor4515¥
StockRG pg.51
Flashlight, StandardRG pg.51
Gas Vent 3SR5 pg.431
Improved Range FinderRG pg.52
Personalized GripSASS pg.31
SlingRG pg.52
Smartgun System, InternalSR5 pg.433




Build Point totals:  XXXXX = XXXXX + XXXXX - XXXXX
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Basic Info
Right, well to start off I am a new player to Shadowrun, though not new to Roleplay or Play by Post. I have played all the Shadowrun PC games and now I wanna play the real thing. I am at my computer everyday so I can post at least once, even multiple times a day. I only have the 5e core rulebook, but I've read through it several times. My experience with Roleplay has mostly been as the the GM of two other systems, (Star Wars Saga Edition, and Fantasy AGE.) I've been a player in one other system and have really enjoyed it.

 Archetype: I prefer playing magic users, healers, and rouge types. While I could go ahead and craft a character, I find that its easier to create with the group and fill in the holes that they need. That being said I want to make it clear that I am a new player, but I do learn quickly and I'm willing to take advice as needed.

Overall Info The biggest thing that I am looking for is story, while I love combat and enjoy geeking the enemy, first and for most I am a Roleplayer and to me that means story. I want to tell and be apart of a great story, so if your looking for someone who will take time on their posts and encourage others to get into the story and explore the world the GM offers, I'm your girl. If your group enjoys being "Murder Hobo's" (Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that game style), your probably going to want to move on.
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Looking for work

Commitment after 6pm EST I would be able to post multiple times a day.  Please note I am new to Shadowrun but have played many other tabletop RPG for over 15 years.

Name: Jason
Alias: Greaser
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Karma Spent: 25 from Character Gen (Sum to 10 build with Chummer)
Physical Description: Standing at a tall 6'4" this thin male human seems slightly out of place with his armored jacket and two large cyber arms which is the only part of him that stands out until you see his ride in action.
Personality/background Growing up poor Jason always had a problem with tearing things apart to see how they work, then when older putting them back togeather again.  He would often be found digging in trash for parts to play with which is how he met a young boy and long time friend Josh Wrech. Got interested in drones as toys which slowly evolved into bigger better ones including his own car.  After noticing his skill in tricking out cars he met a slightly shady looking dude wanting his help, little did he know he was pullin favors for a Go Ganger named Bill who was in the racing circuit (among other things) soon enough he found ways to make money either stealing and selling parts for drones and cars, to installing the mods themself.  After making soem decent scratch this way a rival go ganger to Bill decided he needed to level the playing field and shattered both of Jasons arms by use of the rear wheel on his motorcycle.  Once out of recovery with some brand new arms Jason started doing a lot of research into guns for better protection.  He now lives in his GMC bulldog which he has fixed up to be a home away from home, along with some security to watch over him.

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