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« Reply #165 on: <02-13-14/2148:56> »
Status: Looking for Work

Preferred System: SR5

Zero (Technomancer, Hacker, Scavenger)

Resonance: A
Attributes: B
Skills: C
Race: D Human
Wealth: E

I should be available at any time and place.


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« Reply #166 on: <02-17-14/0040:17> »
I don't know how much different 4ED is from 5th ED;  I built a 400 pt character as a FACE
Owns a geisha house (men talk to much in bed)  several contacts for groups
pretty capable in combat, but not a muscle by any means.  No augmentation used.

NAME   Lady Jade         GENDER   FEMALE   METATYPE   HUMAN   FACE      
Real Name   Tsumemasa, Mariko      
AGE   33               

   ATTRIBUTES                     170         
BODY   3          WILLPOWER   3   EDGE   2            
AGILITY   3           LOGIC   3           INITIATIV               
REACTION   3   INTUITION   3   ESSENCE   6            
FIRST IMPRESSION   5BP                                 
AMBIDEXTROUS              5BP               MODERATE ADDICTION: OPIUM   10BP                  

SKILLS                        154         
ACTIVE                                                     KNOWLEDGE                     
COMBAT SKILL   ABIL   RANKS              STREET SKILLS      ABILITY             RANKS         
AUTOMATIC           AGI    2                     HONG KONG TRIAD      INTUITION   3         
BLADES                   AGI    3                       STREET GANGS            INTUITION   3            
NINJA-TO   NOT SPEC         PROFESSIONAL SKILLS                     
DODGE                  AGI      2                       BUSINESS (FINANCE)      LOGIC            3            
EXOTIC MEL          AGI      2               ACADEMICS SKILLS                     
EDO (WAR FAN)   NOT SPEC          ECONOMICS      LOGIC   3            
EXOTIC THRO   AGI      1                      LITERATURE      LOGIC   3            
(SHURIKAN)                                             (ANCIENT JAPAN)                     
PISTOLS                   AGI      1                   INTEREST SKILLS                     
THROW WPN   AGI   2                             STREET DRUGS (OPIUM)      INTUITION   3         
UNARMED CBT   AGI   2                           
(TESSENTZU (WAR FAN)M. ARTS)                                                  LANGUAGES                     
PHYSICAL SKILLS                                         JAPANESE       NATIVE            
CLIMBING   STR   1                                            CHINESE       3            
INFILTRATE   AGI   2                                             ENGLISH       3
GYMNASTICS   AGI   1                           
PALMING   AGI   1                                                        RESOURCES/GEAR               49      
PERCEPTION   INTUIT   1                     START NY 8,500      
SHADOWING   INTUIT   2                                           LIFESTYLE (LUXURY) X2               200,000Y      
SWIMMING   STR   1                           
DISGUISE   INTUIT   2                                      WEAPON   DAMAGE   AP   AVAIL            
DEMOLITIONS   LOGIC   1                               WAR FAN   STR/2+1)                  
FORGERY   AGI   1                                                WAR FAN   STR/2+1)                  
SOCIAL SKILLS                                               SHURIKEN   STR/2    P   20 ITEMS      
CON   CHA   2                                                        NINJA-TO   STR/2+3 P      4R   700         
ETIQUETTE   CHA   1                                          ASSAULT WEAPONS                     
NEGOTIATION   CHA   2                                WEAPON     DAMAGE   AP   MODE   RC   AMMO   AVAIL   COST
ARTISON   CHA   2                                             AK-97            6P   -1   SA/BF/FA      38C   4R   500y
                                                          ARES PRED IV   5P   -1   SA   -   15C   4R   350Y
Kunoichi   =   female   ninja                                  ARES PRED IV   5P   -1   SA   -   15C   4R   350Y
tessen   =   JAPANESE   WAR FAN          SILENCERS   FOR ARES   (2 EA)   PENALTY   -4   DP   PERCEPT   400y
CONTACTS                                           ARES PRED IV   SPARE CLIPS   10            4   50Y
NAME   POSITION   CONTACT   LOYALTY   AK-97   SPARE CLIPS   5            4   25Y
Takagawa, Yoriyoshi   YOKUJA LT.   4   2   AMMUNITION   AK-97 NORMAL   38   418 RNDS            836Y
Koguchi, SACHIO   INFO GATHER   3   3      ARES NORMAL                  360Y
HAGA, TEKKAN   M. ARTS INSTR.   2   4                        
JUKODU,FUMIKO   HEAD OF SEC   1   4   CLOTHING AND ARMOR                     
Koyama, MAYUKO   GEISHA/INFO   2   4   (5) KIMONO   ARMORED CLOTHING      5B   0I         5000Y
         29 BP   BODY SUIT   ARMORED CLOTHING      5B   0          500Y
CONTACTS EARNED THROUGH RP            FIRE RESIST   2               100/EA   500Y
NAME   POSITION   CONTACT   LOYALTY                             
                                                                            ELECTRONICS AND MISC.                     
                                                                         ITEM   MODEL   RESPONSE   SIGNAL            
                                                                         COMMLING   ERIKA ELITE          \
                                                                           CERTIFIED   CREDSTICK               
                                                                           FAKE LICENSE                          2   18F            
                                                                                  FAKE SIN                                2    18F            
                                                                            CAMERA    TRIDEO   3               
                                                                            CONTACT   LENSES   3      
                                                                            AUTOPICKER      6   8R            
                                                                             CELLULAR   GLOVE MOLDER   3   12F            
                                                                               KEYCARD   COPIER   3   8F            
                                                                            LOCKPICK   SET      6R            
                                                                            MAGLOCK   PASSKEY   3   9F            
                                                                            SEQUENCER      3   9F            
                                                                            WIRE   CLIPPERS                           
                                                                            SEDAN   NISSAN TRUMP                  


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« Reply #167 on: <02-18-14/1817:13> »
Birthname:  Cheveyo  Sychapeo
Alias: Wounded Wolf
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 25,
Nationality: No official SIN, "Citizen" of United States, but claims the Mohegan Native American Tribes (Pennsylvania)
Lifestyle: Squatter
Concept: Gang member of Mohegan Hunting Wolves
Karma: 0


Body 4
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 4
Charisma 3
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Willpower 3
Edge 5
Magic/Resonance 0
Essence 2
Initiative 7

Positive Qualities

Mentor Spirit (Wolf)

Negative Qualities

Addiction Moderate (Hallucinogens)
Insomnia Mild

Active Skills

Performance      2   
Gymnastics      1   
Running              2   
Swimming      2   
Blades              2   
Clubs              3   
Unarmed              3   
Navigation      2   
Survival              2   
Tracking              2   
Sneaking              2   
Archery              2   
Exotic Melee Weapon (Specific)   2   War Club
Throwing Weapons   3
Diving                   2      
Free-Fall              2   
Pilot Ground Craft   1       
Animal Handling   2   
Artisan               2   
Perception      2   
Armorer              3   

Knowledge & Language Skills (+2 Linguist Included)
Native language Mohagin   N
Language English   1
Street: Street Gang Mohagin Stalkers   2
Academics: Mohagin ancestral stories   3
Academics: Mohagin ancestral culture   3
Professional: Mohagin Warrior   3


Armor Clothing   Designed in Mohegan outfit (4B/0I)


Mace   War Club      Mohegan Tribe War Club (STR/2+3)            
Bow (Min STR 4)           Bow range (4/40/120/240)   Mohegan Bow (4+2)Piercing            
x100         Arrows
x10 Tomahawks           (STR 2 +2), reach 2, (range: S4, M8, L20, E28)            
Knife                 Mohegan Decorated Knife (STR/2+1)            
Spear                 (STR 2 +2), reach 2, (range: S4, M8, L20, E28) Decorated with feathers, beads, (Steel Tip)            


Tools   Work Shop      8   Located in Rover (armorer, weapon, and craft)            
0   Equipment   Armorer Tools      0                
   Native American Paints   Dyes/Paints/Bowls/etc      0   Items needed to Make, Store, Use various paints            
0   Equipment   Weapon Making Tools      0               
0   Equipment   Artison Equipment          Drums items, leather/hide, Feathers, beads, etc.            
0   Identification   Fake License (rank 3)      f               
0   Identification   Fake SIN (3)       f               
2   CREDSTICKS   Certified Credstick                      
Docwagon   Docwagon Platinum

Contact    Con   Loy
NaalNish      3       6        Street Gangs (NANs)


Yamaha Growler                Accel 15/40, Spd 150, Pilot 1, Bdy 6, Arm 6, Sen 1   Designed and painted like a Native American War Horse         
Rover 2068 (SUV)   [Arsena Book]l; H +1, A 20/35, S 140, P 2, B 13, AR 10, S 2      Sides painted in Native American suffrage scenes


Wounded Wolf was born on the Indian reservation controlled by corporations in Pennsylvania.  His parents were Native American rights activists focusing on legal and political aims.  However, ten years ago his reservation was massacred by corporate agents forcing Wounded Wolf to flee the area in favor of the streets.  He was able to find other Mohegan people within various gangs and was able to influence them to join into one group (with other Native American tribal people) to form the Mohegan Hunting Wolves and allying with NAN groups.


Wounded Wolf understands that his war isn't against white people, but the corporates that own them like dogs.  He is spiritual, but also aggressive and never shies from a fight against his enemy.  Sometimes gets a little carried away with his native speaking, wearing, and cultural expressions.  Still, he's a good guy overall.

(This is a BASIC character/I did the best I could considering not having a 5E book)   I used NO KARMA so I can enter into a brand new game or provided a certain degree of Karma and easily add to the basic core.


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« Reply #168 on: <03-08-14/0742:51> »
Name: Alexander Young
Alias: Patch
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS - Seattle
Lifestyle: Advance – Street Surgery (9 LP) 1 Month
Entertainment: Squatter
Necessities: Middle
Neighborhood: Low
Security:   Low
Qualities: Workplace [1LP], Poor Condition [-1LP], Rough Neighborhood [-1LP]



Positive Qualities
  • Analytical Mind
  • College Educated
    Negative Qualities
    • SINner - Criminal (Fraud/Theft)
    • Combat Paralysis
    • Pacifist (minor)
      Active Skills
      Electronics Skill Group4
      Influence Skill Group2
      Aeronautics Mechanic1
      Electronic Warfare (Encryption)4(6)
      First Aid (Gunshot Wounds)3(5)
      Hacking (Exploit) 3(5)
      Medicine (Trauma Surgery) 5(7)
      Perception 3
      Pistols (Tasers) 2(4)

      Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
      Biology (Anatomy)4(6)
      Chemistry (Pharmaceuticals)4(6)
      Matrix Theory3
      Shadow Community1
      Underworld (Medicine)1(3)
      Area Knowledge: Seattle 3
      gaming World of Shadows)1(3)

      Language Skills

      Control Rig0.510,000¥ N/A
      Encephalon Rtg 10.7530,000¥ N/A
      Image Link0.1500¥ N/A
      Math SPU0.154,500¥ N/A
      Sound Link0.1250¥ N/A
      Wired Reflexes Rtg 1211,000¥ N/A

      Gear (194,025¥) inc vehicles and ware
      Disposable Commlink (1, 2, 1, 3) x2
         +Disposable Commlink OS
      Hermes Ikon (4, 4, 6, 3)
         +Novatech Navi
         +AR Gloves
         +Sim Module (Hot)
         +Biometric Lock
         +Nonstandard Wireless Link Rating 3
         +Agent Rating 3 [Copy Protection 4, FTL Matrixware Net Wizard, Registration]
         +FTL Matrixware Power Suite [Analyze 3, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4, Purge 4, Scan 2]
         +Stealth Rating 4 [Copy Protection 6, Ergonomic, Registration]
         +Exploit Rating 4 [Copy Protection 4, Mute, Registration]
         +Encrypt Rating 4 [Copy Protection 4, Ergonomic, Registration]
         +Command Rating 6 [Copy Protection 6, Ergonomic, Optimization 2, Registration]
         +Optimization (Command)
         +Decrypt Rating 4 [Copy Protection 4, Registration]
      Novatech Airware (3, 3, 3, 3)
         +Iris Orb
         +FTL Matrixware Net Wizard [Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 2, Purge 3]

      Ammo: Taser Dart (Tasers) x20
      Chemistry Shop
      Fake SIN (Dr. Jenson Phd) Rating 4
         +Fake License (Wired Reflexes) Rating 4
         +Fake License (Medical Shop) Rating 4
         +Fake License (Chemistry Shop) Rating 4
         +Fake License (Mobile Medical Shop) Rating 4
      Medical Shop
      Medkit Rating 6
         +Medkit Supplies

      GMC Bulldog Step-Van
      05/109021681 (Signal: 5)057,000¥
         +GridLink Override
         +Morphing License Plate
         +Rigger Adaptation
         +Rigger Cocoon, Basic
         +Mobile Medical Shop
         +Vehicle Sensor

      Honda Spirit
      110/20101861 (Signal: 5)010,000¥
         +Vehicle Sensor

      MCT Fly-Spy [2]
      13/15153102 (Signal: 3)65,000¥
            +Chameleon Coating
         +Improved Takeoff and Landing Level 2
         +Clearsight Rating 3
            +Copy Protection Rating 3
         +Maneuver (Self) Rating 2
            +Copy Protection Rating 2
         +Minidrone Sensor
            +Camera, Micro Rating 1 [Low Light, Thermographic, Vision Magnification]
         +Optical Tap

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      PbP Legend:
      Narrative | Thought | Speech | Matrix | Astral


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      « Reply #169 on: <03-13-14/2138:27> »
      Status: Looking for Work

      Available: PDT, GMT-8, once or twice a week.

      Preferred Archetype: Any, though the simpler rules-wise the nicer at first.
      Generation method: SR5E Core.

      I'm searching for an introductory game to help me learn the ropes of the SR5 system and setting. As such, I have a preference for relatively easy-to-play characters just now—probably no deckers or riggers for me at the moment. I'd love a more or less standard SR experience, to show me what I've been missing all these years :)


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      « Reply #170 on: <04-10-14/0058:20> »
      Status: LOOKING FOR WORK

      Available: more or less, all the time. I can post so much, you may ask me to tone it down a bit.

      Preferred Archetype: Any, but I tend to get into odd, conflicting sorta concepts. I dig trolls and orks, but i also enjoy creative solutions to seemingly simple problems.

      I've got an ork face i just whipped up in 5th ed, but im down to make others, cause i like to tailor them to the particular game. I can whip one up in no time if ya need me to.

      I've only got the 5th ed rules.

      i can't wait to hear from ya!
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      "speaking out loud"
      <<matrix actions/communication>>


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      « Reply #171 on: <04-12-14/0214:36> »
      Status: Looking For Work

      Available: Pretty much anytime at the moment; between jobs and flexible. However, once employment sets in I'm typically a Mon/Wed/Fri after 7:00 PM sort of person.

      Preferred Archetypes: I haven't played a game yet, but I am liking street samurai and deckers. However, I might be a liability as a decker. We'll see.

      I only have the 5th ed core book.


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      « Reply #172 on: <04-17-14/2339:20> »
      Looking for work: PbP SR4 or SR5

      I have a stable of characters ready to play that can be adapted to fit games, or new stories/characters can be developed quickly.

      Currently playing the following characters:
      human adept decker - pbp SR4A
      human adept assassin/guns - pbp - SR5
      orc cyber mercenary - pbp - SR5
      troll cyber mercenary - VTT - SR5
      human mystic adept (face/guns) - live - SR5
      orc mystic adept (combat) - live - SR4A
      human adept guns - live/missions - SR5
      orc adept mercenary - missions - SR5
      human adept guns - VTT - SR5
      elf-dryad adept face - VTT - SR4A
      elf doctor (mundane-no cyber)- VTT SR5
      human aspected magician (conjuring) - pbp SR5
      human aspected magician (sorcery) - pbp SR5
      human aspected magician (enchanting) - pbp SR5

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      « Reply #173 on: <05-24-14/1607:33> »
      Looking for Work: 5e preferably, but I can swing 4e.

      I've got a little folder filled with characters ready to use, though I'd prefer to avoid rigging or hacking.

      (Also open to meatspace games if you're in the UK around the Hampshire/Sussex area.)


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      « Reply #174 on: <05-30-14/1045:22> »
      LOOKING FOR WORK: 5e preferred as it's what I've read up on largely

      This would be my first game, desperate to get playing.

      I've an elf ma character ready to rumble. Capable of holding his own in combat with plenty useful spells and skills as an infiltrator/face.

      I'll be able to post at least once most days though I may need a bit of guidance to start with. I'm pretty sure of the rules as long as it's not rigging/decking. I should also say I'm based in UK so may post at odd hours.

      Just pm me if you need a badass  :D


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      « Reply #175 on: <06-13-14/0728:29> »
      Availability: UTC +10, a night-owl who's always an iPhone update away

      Build: 4th Edition; All Books; Typically Medics

      Name: Alexandra Rose Tritton

      Alias: Princess M.D.

      Race: Elf

      Sex: Female

      Lifestyle: Middle-High

      Status: Looking for work

      Personality: Alexandra radiates poise & elegance. Her inner strength is complemented by her physical dexterity which she has worked tirelessly to develop. In keeping with her family's legacy, she understands how important those traits are to accept the conflict and loss of life which she witnesses so often on the streets. In truth, she spends more time with pleasantries and developing contacts than she'd like, but persists with them as her family's social standing & wealth are also useful weapons in her battle for life.

      Alexandra is devoted to her craft and to those under her care, working long hours to preserve life wherever possible, which often puts her at odds with her life as a Shadowrunner, a life she hope's to leave once her sister is cured. She cares greatly for her sister, although is beginning to tire of her sister's continued debauchery and the self-destructive lifestyle she has become enslaved by.

      The young elf has found herself becoming more proficient in combat as her new lifestyle continues to see her caught defending herself and her fellow runners alike, with her social skills having little defensive value. In the interests of preventing further injuries to either side however, she has taken to mastering the use of non-fatal dart guns to deal with both biological and mechanical targets.

      Background: Alexandra was born in Tír Tairngire, is the second of Patrick and Eleanor Tritton's three children, and their eldest daughter. In her childhood Alexandra displayed a desire to care and protect those around her, progressively learning first aid and basic medical skills as she grew, to help treat herself and her friends when they became sick or injured. Over her developmental years her family went to some expense implanting the young girl with bioware to help her reach her full potential, providing her with the improved dexterity and critical thinking skills, the life of a future Chief of Medicine demanded.

      She graduated in the top 4% of her class and soon found employment with a biotech supplier with whom her father had connections. After two years of tireless work, Alexandra sought a transfer after her sister Clara abruptly ceased all communications with her, just some months after Clara disowned their parents for "some lower class boy" as her mother had put it.

      It took less than six months to find her sister, during which Alexandra found herself becoming a runner to supplement her wages and increase her visibility in the city's underbelly, Clara had apparently become little more than a hard partying escort, selling the family's good looks for an easy escape in this dark reflection of the world they had both left.

      Confronting her sister however, broke all of those notions in a heartbeat, as Clara revealed she was enslaved by a crime lord who used a dangerous virus to keep her in line, whose progression was only halted by injections given at the conclusion of each successful 'appointment' Clara attended.

      Soon after, Clara moved in with her sister at the medical center between 'appointments', whilst Alexandra works tirelessly to learn more about this virus, and those behind its use, in the hopes of freeing her sister and bringing those responsible to justice.


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      « Reply #176 on: <07-13-14/2156:28> »
      Looking for work: I can play any version
      Availability: Pretty much any time or day
      Experience: I have played for a while and have some experience with all of the editions, but I have played 3rd edition the most (I'm a young old timer)
      Archetypes: I prefer the sneaky assassin type of character.
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      « Reply #177 on: <07-17-14/1723:22> »
      Status: Looking for Work

      I'm new to this and have some time before school starts and during school. As my time fluctuates online, I should be able to at the very least post once per week, but probably be able to do more. As Archtypes go, since I am new I don't really have any preference when it comes to them so I'm flexible. Currently I have one character that's still being tweaked here and there. I only have 5th Edition.

      I'll probably have some things changed over time and I can play other type of characters.
      Talking Aloud Thoughts Matrix Astral E-Mails/"Sub-Vocal"


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      « Reply #178 on: <07-29-14/0039:16> »
      Name: Tracer Bearing
      Status: Looking For Work
      Archetype: Any, with a preference for decker, face, or combination of the two.
      Commitment Level: 4+ posts a week. Not interested in anything less than 2 posts a week.

      Looking for a job and not to picky about where I get it, as long as it's fast and pays well. 4e or 5e, can have a character sheet ready to go within a day.


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      « Reply #179 on: <08-05-14/2302:34> »
      Name: Skinny Pete

      Status: Looking for Work, and not picky

      Usually play a mage but have played everything at some point, I tend to overlap a lot (Mage/decker, Rigger/Sammy)
      Can post as often as every day, but usually at night.

      Have played 3rd, 4th and 5th. No preference
      Call me I work cheap :D