Want to form a game? (Dead Thread)

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I don't have tons of time, but I hate to see players not able to find a game so I'll run one. Post your characters I'll run up to 4 maybe 5 people first come first serve.
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If there's still spots open i'd like to be a player in this one too!  ;)

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I've only seen one character so far so I think there is still room
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"It's not being seen that is the trick."

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Only two characters have been posted. Rockstar, Switch, and myself are building our characters. I'm thankful to have a GM. Very nice of you, Walks Through Walls. Thanks!

I do wish there was another way than first come first serve, since that punishes those that had to make a character. Anyways I'm nearly done. I'll rush to get it done tonight. I've rewritten my character a couple times, which slowed me down lol, but i'll worry less about his story and more about game mechanics and just finishing him. Can always add more to his history once I already have him posted. He should be up by morning.
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Paladin looked over your character and the only problem I see right off the bat is you cannot specialize when you have a group skill. So the specializations in spell casting and summoning have to go away (or else get rid of the groups). Just let me know how you tweek him to fix this you don't have to rewrite the whole character


To all: Tonight I will start a thread called "Cleaing up the Band" for the game. I will probably follow what Inca did and have an IC and OOC thread
"Walking through walls isn't tough..... if you know where the doors are."
"It's not being seen that is the trick."

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Sounds great to me; looking forward to it.

Edit: By the way, my character was hand-done (no generator), but I think I got it all correct.


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Name: Lucan Bordeaux
Alias: Joker, Snooze, Snoozey
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Low (2 Months Paid)
Karma Spent: 0

Physical Description:
Joker has unkempt, unremarkable brown hair. He’s about 5’11” with a relatively light complexion and a thin, somewhat athletic build. One might guess his age around early twenties.

“Once upon a time there was a crime syndicate and in that syndicate there was a lieutenant named Lucan. Lucan fell in love with the boss’s daughter and together they made plans to steal her father’s money to start a new life far away.
When it came time to do what they had planned, Lucan stole the boss’s stash and met with his love, but she would not go with him. So he fled to Seattle alone, escaping the life he hated, but losing the one he loved.”

Timeline Notes: Lucan was born in 2049. His parents were shadowrunners. When they disappeared in 2061, he was left to look after himself and his younger sister until she passed away in 2066. He left Montreal arrived in Seattle in 2071.

Personality Notes: Joker aka Snoozey is a lovable rogue with a penchant for tardiness. Despite his lazy nature, he is good at what he does. He’s an excellent shot, he’s clever, and he’s charming. His reputation among shadowrunners varies. Some praise him, while others question his reliability.


Body: 4(5)
Agility: 5(7)
Reaction: 3(5)
Strength: 1(3)
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 4
Essence: 1.52
Initiative: 9
Init Passes: 2

Positive Qualities:
Ambidextrous (5 BP) The character can use and handle objects equally well with both hands. The character does not suffer any modifiers for using an off-hand weapon. When using two weapons at once, however, the character must still split his dice pool.

Tough as Nails (10 BP) A character with this power has formidable physical endurance
and can take much more punishment than one would expect from someone of her size. This quality adds an additional 1 boxes to the character’s Physical Condition monitor.

Martial arts: Firefight R2 (10 BP) Reduce the ranged combat “attacker in melee combat” modifier by 2.

→Two Weapon Style
A character using this maneuver has trained to wield a second
melee weapon in his off hand. In order to use two weapons, each
weapon must have a Reach of 0 or 1.
The character may choose to apply the Full Defense option
using only one of these weapons, attacking with the other weapon
as normal (and without sacrificing an action). The defense or attack
action with the off -hand weapon suffers the standard –2 off -hand
weapon modifier.

A character with Riposte who successfully parries or blocks
a melee combat attack may make an immediate attack on his attacker, even if it is not her Action Phase in the turn. Making a riposte is considered an interrupt action, however, and uses up the
character’s next available action.

This maneuver allows the character to step inside an opponent’s reach and get up close and personal. The character can choose to make a melee attack and if successful, she engages her opponent in a clinch rather than dealing damage. While clinched, both characters’ Reach bonuses are negated. To break the clinch and move away, a character must succeed at a Strength + Body Opposed Test, which costs a Complex Action.

A character with this maneuver has trained in attacking multiple targets or with two weapons at once. Apply a +1 dice pool modifier to the total dice pool (not the split dice pools) whenever the character attacks more than one opponent in the same action or attacks with two melee weapons at once.

Negative Qualities:

Enemy: Small Montreal Syndicate +10BP
Wanted: Bounty +10BP
Flashbacks: Lost Loved Ones +10BP
In Debt: Criminal +5BP

Active Skills:
Pistols 6
Clubs 4
Unarmed 2
Dodge 4
Perception 3
Stealth 4
Escape Artist 1
Locksmith 1
Influence 3

Knowledge Skills:
Firearm Design[Pistols 1
Action Trideos 2
Security Procedures 2
Security Devices 2

Language Skills:
English N
French 4

Alphaware Datajack
Alphaware Cybereyes 1
→Alphaware Flare Compensation
→Alphaware Low Light Vision
→Alphaware Vision Enhancement 2
Alphaware Plastic Bone Lacing
Alphaware Wired Reflexes 1
Alphaware Muscle Replacement 2
Alphaware Reaction Enhancers 2

Victory Globetrotter Line Jacket (6/4)
Securitech Personal Protection Piecemail: Forearm Guards, Shin Guards, Arm Casings, and Vitals Protector (1/4, Stacks with other armor.)
Form-fitting Armor: Full-body Suit (6/2, Stacks with other armor, 3/1 for purposes of encumberment.)
Fake SIN 3 (Private Life): Alexander Whitman
→Increased Cylinder License 4
→Small Firing Selection Change License 4
→Ruger Super Warhawk License 4
→Regular Ammo License 4
→Morrissey Elan License 4
→Stick-n-Shock Ammo License 4
→Lockpick Set License 4
→Thermal Smoke Grenade License 4
→Muscle Replacement License 4
→Reaction Enhancers License 4
→Wired Reflexes License 4
→Concealed Carry License 4
→Flechette Ammo License 4
Fake SIN 3 (Work Life): Luc Lebeau
→Increased Cylinder License 4
→Small Firing Selection Change License 4
→Ruger Super Warhawk License 4
→Morrissey Elan License 4
→Regular Ammo License 4
→Stick-n-Shock Ammo License 4
→Lockpick Set License 4
→Thermal Smoke Grenade License 4
→Muscle Replacement License 4
→Reaction Enhancers License 4
→Wired Reflexes License 4
→Concealed Carry License 4
→Flechette Ammo License 4
x2 Modification 6 Ruger Super Warhawks (Semi Automatic, Recoil Compensation 1, Holds 11 Shots, Don’t take damage from being used as a melee weapon. Their irregular double cylinders make it impossible to use a standard speed loader. )
→x2 Simple Firing Selection Change
→x2 Melee Hardening
→x2 Increased Cylinder
→x2 Underbarrel Weapon: Ruger Super Warhawk
→x2 Shock Pads
→x2 Quickdraw Holsters
→x66 Regular Ammo
→x10 Flechette Ammo
x2 Morrissey Elans
→x2 Hidden Gun Arm Slide
→x20 Stick-n-Shock Ammo
x4 Thermal Smoke Grenades
Survival Knife
Lighter & Smokes
Lockpick Set
Wire Clippers
Micro Transceiver 6
Novatech Airware
→Novatech Navi
→Sim Module
→Sim Recordings
→VR Games
→x4 Virtual Person

Daihatsu-Caterpillar Horseman
→Advanced Cargo Module
→Morphing License Plate
→Spoof Chip
→Smart Tires

Otto (Gearhead/Fixer): Connection 2, Loyalty 4
Maxine (Fixer) Connection 3, Loyalty 3
Amy (Doc) Connection 3 Loyalty 4
Montreal Crime Syndicate: Mod. Connection 5, Incidence 5
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« Reply #37 on: <09-14-10/0922:13> »
169865 Nuyen spent. The points all check out, however, if you need me to list them out I will do so.

Let me know how I should do starting Nuyen. I figure it takes some kinda special dice roller.

That took me all night to finish. Lol.
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« Reply #38 on: <09-14-10/0938:26> »
Name: Damien King
Alias: DK
Race: Giant (40 pts)
Sex: male
Nationality: Russian/American
Lifestyle: low
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: tall, broad, long bright red hair, blue eyes, light cyber
Personality/background: Goblin speed metal fanatic, grew up on the streets of Carbonado, his mother was a mail order bride that his American father barely supported. At 15 Damian was imprisoned for 6 months for assault after a local boy insulted his mother and younger sister Michelle. Damian joined the Chulos at 18 and has been with them 3 years. Damien looks intimidating but he’s a nice guy once you get to know him. He’s growing out of the gang mentality but knows he can’t just leave so he’s branched out to working the shadows.


Body: 8 (30 pts) (9)
Agility: 4 (30 pts) (6)
Reaction: 3 (20 pts) (5)
Strength: 9 (40 pts)
Charisma: 2 (10 pts)
Intuition: 4 (30 pts)
Logic: 3 (20 pts) (5)
Willpower:3 (20 pts)
Edge: 2 (10 pts)
Magic: 0
Essence: 4.15

Positive Qualities: Bark skin (0pts)
Thermographic vision (0 pts) +1 reach (0pts) School of hard knocks (5pts) High pain tolerance rating 1 (5 pts)

Negative Qualities: Combat monster (10 pts) Moderate addiction (cram) (10 pts) Criminal SINner (UCAS) (10pts)

Active Skills:
Blades 4 (16 pts) (5)
Clubs 3 (12 pts)
Unarmed combat 3 (12 pts)
Perception 3 (12 pts)
Dodge 4 (16pts)
Pilot ground craft 3 (12 pts)
Automatics 3 (12 pts)
Demolitions 3 (12 pts)
Intimidation 5 (16 pts)
Shadowing 2 (8 pts)
Infiltration 2 (8 pts)

Knowledge Skills: (21 free BP)
Seattle gang turf 3 (4)
Seattle gang symbols 2 (3)
Carbonado back streets 2 (3)
Chulos run businesses 2 (3)
Puyallup Bars and clubs 3 (3)
Puyallup syndicate turf 2 (3)
Goblin Speed Metal bands 3

Language Skills:
English N

Cyber/Bio-ware: R2 muscle toner (16,000, 0.4(b))
Reflex recorder (Blades) (10,000 0.1(b))
Cerebral booster R2 (20,000 0.4 (b))
Plastic bone lacing (5,000 0.5 (c))
Reaction Enhancers R2 (20,000 0.6 (c))
Smart articulation (15,000 0.8 (c))

Gear: Claymore (str/2+4)p (900)
Cougar fineblade knife long blade (str/2+2)p (900)
Monofilament Sword (str/2+3)p (750)
AZ150 stun baton 7s(e) AP-Half (800)
Baseball Bat (Str/2+1)p (30)
Ceska Black scorpion 4p sa/bf recoil (1) 35(c)
¬Smartgun system (internal)
¬Spare mag                 
¬30 reg ammo
¬30 gel rounds (total price=1,255)
Colt cobra TZ118 5p sa/bf/fa recoil (1) 32(c)
¬quick draw holster
¬spare mag
¬40 reg ammo
¬40 gel rounds (Total cost=955)
Uzi 4 5p BF recoil (1) 24(c)
¬30 reg ammo (total cost=560)
AK97 assault rifle 6p ap-1 sa/bf/fa  38(c)
¬smartgun system (internal)
¬40 reg ammo (total cost=1080)
Actioneer business clothes 5/3 (1,500)
Armour jacket 8/6 (900)
Form fitting body armour full boy suit 6/2 (1,600)
2 sets contact lenses
¬flare compensation
¬low light vision (total 400)
2 sets earbuds
¬R3 select sound filter (total 1220)
Aerosol (200 doses neurostun) (2000)
10 doses Cram (100)
10KG ammonium nitrate (600)
10kg gunpowder (750)
10 electrical detonators (200)
10 radio detonators (400)
Novatech Airware Response 3 signal 3
¬Novatech Navi Firewall 3 system 4
¬subvocal mic  (total cost 2800)

Vehicles: Hyundai Shin-Hyung H+2 Accel 20/45 Speed 160 body 10 armour 5
¬Additional fuel tank
¬anti theft
¬ejection seats
¬engine customization (speed)
¬engine customization (accel)
¬extra entry/exit points
¬nitrous injection
¬basic termination system
¬Turbocharger (slots used 12. total cost 48000)

Contacts: Fixer con 3/ loy 5
               Chulos gang leader con5/ loy 5


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« Reply #39 on: <09-14-10/0939:51> »
ive been working on this for days. just let me know if there are any problems.


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« Reply #40 on: <09-14-10/1023:16> »
I've just gotta sort my gear I will post in tomorrow.



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« Reply #41 on: <09-14-10/1032:59> »
Axe, DK, Joker, Father Twilight

Group Capacity: 4/5

Some pretty cool characters in the group so far.

Damn, Rockstar. Your character is armed to the teeth and his ride makes my Horseman look like a pile of @!#$. Lol. I'm gonna have to go read about what a Giant is exactly also. I'm guessing pretty much like it sounds. lol :)

Edit: Bark like skin and 3 meters tall. Jeez. Giants are scary.
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If people could just list out the points spent in each group it would help me out like:

attributes 200
skills     180
race     40
gear     100

DC something to realize is that the fake SIN and the licenses connected to it are linked. If either one gets burned all the others in the "group" are no longer good either. As the SIN is what is most often checked to have it lower means there is more chance of this happening
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« Reply #43 on: <09-14-10/1838:25> »
attributes 200
active skills 150
knowledge/language skills 18
pos qualities 33
neg qualities 35
nuyen 33 (169990-5000)
contacts 19


I hope that helps :) Also I moved a couple points around. Some more contacts. No big changes.

I'm not sure I understand. Should I not have fake licenses? I'm still wrapping my head around some things about Shadowrun. It seems like one is not much use without the other(licenses and sins). I have the best SINs and Licenses I'm allowed to start with. Max availability for starting characters is 12.
If I could have R6 SINs and Licenses I would be alot better off, I agree. Those R3s may lead to some losses. :(

Anyways, you understand this stuff better than me. What do you think I should do?
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« Reply #44 on: <09-14-10/1949:50> »
walks, I removed the specializations and put the points into another rank in astral combat.