[SR5] PANs within High Noise area

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« on: <05-02-23/0453:13> »
Hi, chummers!

Recently glancing through the CRB I've noticed one thing (RAW)

If the Noise is greater than the Device Rating, then this device (despite of it type, either it's a commlink or a drone) is still on the Matrix. But what about the PAN ? Does it fall apart ? Or is it still working, providing protection for all devices in PAN ?

And what about Send Message Matrix Action ? If a person due to the Noise has a negative dicepool or a zero dicepool, can he execute Send Message action from his device ?


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« Reply #1 on: <05-02-23/0950:59> »
In this edition, noise only act as latency (a slight delay). And this have an effect on matrix actions (hacking or remote controlling a drone in Germany is more difficult due to the slight delay than if both of you are in Seattle - similar to how it is more difficult to play firstperson shooter with 300 ms ping) and if high enough you also don't get the wireless bonus functionality. Send Message does not require a test. You can call your friend in Germany just fine :-)

The only time you will be considered offline (in this edition) is if you reboot your commlink (or RCC or cyberdeck or whatever device you used to access the matrix with), if you turn your device wireless disabled, if someone brick your device, your device is in a Faraday cage or you are at such a remote location that no matrix connection is possible without a satellite link and you don't have a satellite link (such as the North Pole or adrift in the middle of the Pacific).

The intention was also that you could be disconnected if someone used a powerful enough jammer but that never went into the game (jammer were subject to errata, but that job stopped when we got closer to SR6).