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A quick feedback on our game:

--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on ---What might be more common is a GM saying you have to roll the lower of the two between your skill and your sensor
--- End quote ---

Everyone agreed on this house-rule. Which means that you can rely on goggles or glasses with an ultrasound sensor and ultrasound link to perceive you surroundings, but:

* Since the maximum sensor rating that fits in such a device is 2, the Perception skill is in effect limited by 2 in that case.
* Ultrasound sensors have a maximum range of 50m, so you do not perceive anything past that distance.
The advantage is that you can "see" in total darkness and invisible targets as well, so this is a cheap way for mundanes to counter (Improved) Invisibility or a spirit's Concealment power. Which, to be honest, were too unbalanced otherwise (one of my players has a starting character that can reliably summon rating 9 spirits whose Concealment power is nearly impossible to beat).

So all in all a good addition to a mundane character's arsenal, but nonetheless with some drawbacks so that it remains a considered choice rather than a no-brainer, "always on" option.


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