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Maybe it's time and distance, or some kind of Stockholm thing, or maybe just the jones for SR that will probably never really leave me, but I am giving SR6 a second look.

To my surprise, it's not as bad as I remember.  I'm actually considering trying it now. 

I started out by trying to make a starter template for a decker, something myself or others could use to create a straightforward generalist decker that is rules legal to replace the one in the CRB, which (as best I can tell) still is not in the latest PDF.  I then decided that a quick explainer that walks people through how to be a decker would be helpful.  I usually have to introduce new games to my groups with pre-gens and cheat sheets, so we can all just sit down and play.  As I went through, I found I was starting to get a better sense of how it should all work together.  By focusing on just "how to be a decker" a number of challenges went away, and by aiming at teaching a new player how to do things with Edge, that wasn't as onerous as it seemed previously. 

I still wouldn't advise any fellow player to spend money on the product, but I think I might be interested in running a game to see how it goes. 

So, despite everything, I find I am diving into 6e after all.  Spirits help me. 

Glad to hear you are warming to the newest system. It's gonna be here for a while!

Ironically, my table is regressing! All the way back to 3e no less...
Will have to see how that goes: what gets changed, what stays as 3e.

My personal feeling is that it will end up being a mix of rules by the end.

I think its more fair to say my fiery rage about it is cooling  ;D.

I'd have regressed too, probably back to 2E, but converting the Matrix rules to avoid pizza decking was always too daunting.  Hard to keep compatibility and yet redo the core mechanics.

Good luck!


Aaand I've given this idea up.  Too much rewriting required to explain it to a new table.  If I'm going to do that much work, I'm just going to make a better version. 

Sorry to hear that.  A good experiment though


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