Looking For Group 5e Online Sandbox O.S.R.

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Hello.  I'm looking for a group and/or GM to run an online sandbox 5e.  I'll start by introducing my bio:
I have a beginner's knowledge of game mastering, but I'm willing to try my hand at it, especially if I can do it with systems I haven't played before so I can learn them.  I prefer playing as I love watching the progression of my characters. I care half and half about watching my characters progress in personality as well as gaining in-game objects; I care for both extremely highly, however.  I am approximately 80% role-play and 20% combat.  I love sandbox style games, but I'm willing to play a module or another group member's story if we'll get back to sandbox sessions after.  I love role-play interactions between NPC's, PC's and NPC's, and especially PC's and PC's.  I have the most fun when players role-play with each other.  Final note: I am most likely unwilling to play or won't be a good fit for games that aren't based on an Old School Revival mentality.

Played Games: D&D, Shadowrun 3e and 5e, Deadlands, Gamma World 3.5e, Home-brewed games

Likes: Old School Revival, sandbox campaigns, tactical positioning, swearing, team cooperation, long campaigns, playing as often and as long of sessions as everyone's up for, fair yet fun difficulty and reward scaling (maybe a little spoiling is okay with me because I'm greedy), chill and respectable teammates.

Dislikes: Character death, inescapable reliance on chance, player characters killing each other, bouncing between locations vast distances apart constantly and most of the time, following stories that neither I nor my character cares about or benefits from (I can put others before myself at specific times of course, but I can't be a part of a campaign that doesn't allow for my goal(s) and enjoyment too), unearned difficulty and reward scaling (players asking for it is one thing, but having it be automatically adjusted due to player action and success is unfair), persnickety and disrespectful teammates.

What I can bring: dice statistician, a planner, a team member, a role-player, a respectful player.
Here are some of the roles I want to play for this Shadowrun game:
Illegal gunsmith entrepreneur

Good old fashioned heister (varying roles)

Decker with a god complex

Organ harvester/genetic scientist inventing ethically void cybernetic and bionic organs to create drugged and mind-controlled super soldiers

Sapient (sentient) A.I. tactical droid that may or may not allow themselves to be a Mega-Corp slave.

Here's my current availability in EST:
Anytime except:
Before 17:00

Before 18:00

If you'd like to contact me here's my Discord: Clyax113 S. Xaces #3717
I demand AT LEAST one explosion a month.