6/27/11 Missions FAQ Update

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« on: <06-27-11/1830:45> »
Due to some issues that cropped up recently, I'm putting a rush on getting the FAQ updated.  I have a thread set up Here for suggestions, comments, questions, and discussion of FAQ updates.  Feel free to contribute. For my own sanity, I'm trying to keep the discussion contained to a single location.  WHen I did the FAQ originally, I had a thread here, a thread on DUmpshock, comments on Facebook, emails...  It was a PITA.

Anyway, I'll go more in depth, but as of today, 6/27/11, the following items and rules are no longer allowed in Missions:

1)  Possession Traditions
2)  Mind-Affecting Spells (Any sort of direct mind control or mind reading spells)
3)  All item creation (Item Modification is still fine).

1 & 2 have just ruined too many games.  They both make the event "easy mode", and frequently detract from the other players enjoyment of the game. 

3 is mainly for balance purposes.

I'm being brief, because I'm very busy and completely and utterly exhausted from the conventions still, so I won;t go into too much more detail at this time.  There are other changes, as well as looking over books like WAR! and the eBooks to clarify rules, coming in the near future.  One limitation going into effect will be a limitation placed on how much time (calendar months) you can spend per season, but that needs to be explored a little further before we set anything in stone.

As always, we don't retcon characters already participating in Missions, so if you had these spells and abilities prior to today, enjoy them, but please be courteous to your fellow players.  Gamemasters, especially at conventions, will be under orders to deal harshly with anyone abusing the grandfathered abilities down the line.

(And no, this isn't directed at anyone in particular.  We didn't have any major problems with these at Gen Con, though we did have a voodoun played by Onion Man who played through something like 10 adventures at the con!  But we've been getting general complaints and feedback for over a year, and I've finally decided to stop waffling on the subject and deal with it.)