Character and Game tracking

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« on: <01-12-15/2341:25> »
Does anyone here keep track of all of their games? My SO and I have been, and it'ls been really cool to look back on. We just have the date, the players and charaters (with their karma and roles), missions and challenges, then the karma we all earned. Each entry takes up two lines, and on the graph paper I have, that means ~25 entries per page.

Spawned from tracking the games, though, has come some story progression. We could easily see that we had steadily improved at our extraction abilities and our crossfire capacity, so it was sort of natural to weave a tale of how Oggey, Genesis, Trigger, Serenity, Illis Polly, and Selas all came to be the runners that they are now.

Is any one else doing that sort of thing?


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« Reply #1 on: <01-13-15/1023:13> »
I did for a little while.  I'd probably do something like that if I started up a new team of runners.


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« Reply #2 on: <01-14-15/1041:46> »
I'd be interested in seeing that as a Google Spreadsheet that could be added to by the community and be used to generate some charts and graphs for comparison purposes.