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UV93 OOC Discussion Thread
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This thread is only for IC play.  Please read the first post in the UV93 Discussion for the rules before you post here.  Any OOC posts will be deleted by the mods.  Thank you.


//…Load Shadowland 4.7 Software? (Y/N)
//…Shadowland 4.7 Loading….
//…Newer Version Found.  Download Shadowland 7.2? (Y/N)
//…Update Aborted
//…Loading Custom Scripts
//…Reticulating Splines
//…Shadowland 4.7 Is Now Loaded.  Thank You.

>>>>>[Welcome to the new Shadowland 4.7!  I’m not going to bother giving you all the boring details behind what’s new with this version of the software.  Suffice it to say, it’s got some better security and has some better data compression rates.  Deon’t try fragging with the backend though, chummers, or I’ll kick your hoops back to the stone age.]<<<<<
     -- Captain Chaos (12:33:51/03-12-57)

>>>>>[Oh frag.  I wasn’t expecting to see that when I booted this up.  Damn.  Ghosts from the past.  I never really knew Cap, except by reputation and in passing.  We didn’t hang out or anything.  But still, he was a chummer.  One of the old guard.  I’d take him by my side over any 10 of these kids today that call themselves “hackers”.  Too many of them are gone now.  This biz chews you up and spits you out like day old soy-burgers.
     Well, that was a bit more melancholy than I expected for the grand opening of Virtual Underworld 93.  There’s a lesson there for you, though.  No matter how smart you are, no matter how good you are, no matter how long you’ve been doing this…you can still be surprised.
     Here’s to Cap, and all those who came before.  May we honor their memory, while we try to avoid becoming memories.]<<<<<
     -- MacCallister (20:46:22/09/04/72)

>>>>>[Immortality is achieved by becoming a part of the collective memories of those you leave behind. In that regard, Cap will always be with us.]<<<<<
     -- KageZero (20:18:30/09-04-72)

Caine Hazen:
>>>>>[There are times when people wish to remain memories.  Not everyone lost wishes to be found.]<<<<<
     -- Moreau(20:47:25/09-04-72)

>>>>>[Ok.  So you set up a new BBS, using some code that's older than dirt.  I used to play with this code like Legos when I was 10, remember?  You're too damn sentimental, old man.  It's gonna be the death of you someday.  Seriously.  Have any of you actually worked with MacCallister yet?  He carries a goddamn cyebrdeck around still.  Well, to be fair, it's just the 'deck case.  He's got a top of the line Commlink inside the thing, so don't let him fool you.  But still.  Can you imagine having to actually go on a shadowrun lugging something like that around?]<<<<<
     -- Tauren (21:24:44/09-04-72)


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