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This thread is only for Bio’s and Background for characters playing in the UW93 game.  Any discussion posts or non-Bio threads posted here will be deleted by the mods.  Thanks.

Edited on 11/29/10 to add:  You only need to define characters you're going to be playing on a regular basis.  You can use one shot or throwaway minor NPCs as the story needs it, though we request you keep it to a minimum.  Other people are free to likewise use these minor characters, but if anyone decides to take a minor character and start using them regularly, please ask the original creator for permission (It may be that they just haven't had the time to define the character yet), and then write up a biography here for that character.  Thanks!

And, my characters Bios:

Name:  MacCallister
Known Info:  MacCallister is an aging Ork who is currently working as a Fixer in Seattle.  He used to run the shadows as a Decker throughout the 50’s and early 60’s, working out of Chicago, Cleveland, and New Orleans.  He disappeared a couple years before the crash, but he came out of retirement last year and set up shop in Seattle as a Fixer.  Earlier this year, he threw a lot of money around trying to hunt down an apparent copycat Mayan Cutter serial killer who murdered his daughter, a grad student at the University of Washington.

MacCallister is usually fairly good humored in person, and peppers his speech with old style shadow-slang such as “drek” and “frag”, and insists on calling hackers “deckers”.  He has a lot of connections in the shadows, and is a good go-to guy when you need some information or some help.

Name:  Tauren
Known Info:  Tauren is new to the shadows and hasn’t made much of a name for himself.  He’s a young ork hacker, and is a bit cocky. 

Well, until Bull tells me whether or not I can post as 'Jack* in the thread, here's my other characters:

Name: KageZero
Known Info: An Initiated mystical adept, he is a master of Jeet Kune Do and has been around the block enough that he's had to deal with a dragon (against his will), and it cost him his right hand. Fortunately, the Johnson sprung for a delta clinic to have it replaced. Unfortunately, someone missed the memo that he's Awakened and gave him a cyber-hand. He the strong-but-silent type, giving out advice as needed to those that ask.
Rumors: "Omae, don't get him mad. If you take a swing at him, either make sure he goes down with the hit, or prepare to get it back ten-fold. And, he does this weird high-pitched yelping when he fights, almost like some of those old 2-D movies from pre-Crash 1.0."

Name: Bear
Known info: This big trog is a walking advertisement for WeaponsWorld. With two custom-made cyberarms done up in a glossy black finish, etched with lines that have glowing neon green nanites running along the lines in Orc tribal patterns; a pair of demonic red cybereyes and usually hefting around a Mossberg auto-shotgun; he scream big, bad fragger.
Rumors: "Definitely not the guy you want to see on the other side of whatever run you're pulling. Weird thing is, I heard he talks to his gun (a Savalette Guardian) a lot. Okay, that's not weird, but the drekkin' trog installed the damn commlink with a sexy elf slitch personality on it!"

Caine Hazen:
Name: Moreau
Known Info: A fixer seemingly in his mid-50s.  He wears his hair long, and has a shock of grey in it that runs down from his brow into his mustache and goatee.  Is often seen in his favorite overcoat, and in the company of at least 2 pets.  It is known he worked as a meta-animal trainer for a time in the 60s, but his past stops there.  He is known in the academic community of Seattle for helping them get work that is in the “grey” area of the law.  He has been putting the word out though that he needs some new runners, as the last team he worked closely with has had to take a “vacation” down to L.A.
Moreau seems to have many academic contacts, and also quite a few talismongers he is in contact with.  As well, it is rumored that he was close to completing his PhD. In parazoology.  He has a way of tracking down and acquiring quite a few types of paracritters, and has been known to take said paracritters and get them trained.

Name: Stevesie (maybe SteveZ…)
Known Info: Young and brash new shadowtalent.  He is known as a crack rifleman, but uses mostly archaic hunting rifles.

Name: Nomad
Known Info: A former runner and semi fixer/mentor to the up-comming generation.  Now a human in his early 40s, Nomad began his career in the mid '50's and "retired" from active running shortly following the second Crash.  As an earth elementalist and part-time rigger/decker, his particular strength lay in his "jack-of-all-trades" approach to running, allowing him to cover multiple roles to a greater, or lesser, degree.  His current permanent address is unknown, but he still is seen visiting the Seattle Metroplex in an aging Bison that he called home throughout his running career.

Name: Wayfinder

Known Profile: A human male mystic adept in his mid thirties always seen in a black long coat and sunglasses. A very active runner in the 50's for the past decade been a very discreet Johnson for an unknown employer.

Rumors: "Any mage that meet this guy check out his aura. Craziest thing I've ever seen"
            "If he ever offers you a job, take it. I guarantee it'll change your life"


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