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Lightning Children


Well I was just reading Shadows of Asia p. 39. Beijing Mandate of Heaven. Looks like we have the first instance of Lightning Children in Shadowrun.

OK Lightning Children is basically a race native to Cathay in Earthdawn(they are in the new Cathay book from Red Brick) that are born in the aftermath of a lightning strike on the ground. They are born in a adult human form with no recollection on who he was. They have lightning spirit powers.

So looks like Li Tianzi first emperor of Beijing is a Lightning Child.

Interesting catch!  Especially since that book predates Red Brick's Cathay book by quite a few years right?

Coincidentally, a new player in my group just created a magician focused on lightning magic with the Amnesia flaw.  He's hoping I can help him fill in his background over time.  He also has Gremlins that keep shorting out electronics near him.  Hmmmm  8)

If you want more info on the "lightning children"

There is an interview with the writer of Cathay

Made a mistake, they are actually called Storm Children.

They are also featured in that Earthdawn novel set in Cathay published by Red Brick. Highly recomended btw, great stuff.


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