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For both i'm pretty much available without problems(for now), but i'm in a GMT +1 timezone. :)

Looking for Work
Stryker, male elf Combat Mage. Looking for serious work and/or company. Can do magic of all kinds, not only blasting, but is trained only in combat, magic and infiltration. Got his own gear and is ready to go. Has some trouble with law (criminal SIN) and a certain AA corp magical dept. that wants him dead/back.

Character build: 400 BP
Stats: Attribute focus, low-to-medium skills, no skills beyond magic/combat/infil. Uncommon tradition. Positive qualities 10, negative 35.
Full character sheet here.

Offering Work !!!
Three to four experienced runners willing to make a short trip to the Old World. Requirements: no obvious criminal record, able to work in unfamiliar environment, no corporate affiliation, no governmental affiliation. Job will require around two-three weeks to complete. It will be more than one operation, and will require hiring of local talents for support. No fishy stuff, only honest shadowrunning.
Mechanics: 500 BP characters with no further restrictions, gear availability 16, at least one matrix, and one magic specialist. Plus a face with linguistic skills, or language skillsofts. Characters will be deployed via smuggling routes, so no bulky gear allowed.

Disclaimer: Yeah, i'm up for a challenge. The group i've assembled is lazy and won't even decide on a game, so i'm not really willing to mourn them. I can make a PBF here instead, with Seattle-based characters going abroad. :)

P.S. I'd need to learn working both the numbers, and getting the hang of Shadowrun GM'ing there, so i'll probably make mistakes. Feel free to point them out, whether you will play, or not.

Head Hunter:
Merc' Directory
[( I am always up for a run, 'pending on when I am up and on the internet. I usually have a lot of free time. So, if work is available, I am interested. )]

~Entry #1~

Street Name: Bet
Metatype: Human
Age: 21
Maturity Rating: Extreme
Status: INCOMPLETE / Seeking Employment..

A/Notes: Working on this character recently.. He should be up and running for work soon. If a run becomes available. He can become available sooner.

Extra Notes: Once I get my first actual Shadowrun character completed, more will become available when I have gotten use to roleplaying with numbers.-- Descriptive running would be well appreciated but not required. I am open to many styles of pBp; First person, Third person, etc...

So, Yea, just private message me with the details. ;]

"Become one with the gun."
--Head Hunter.

Yani is currently working the European Vacation job

Archetype is a sprite heavy technomancer. I can handle posting every day.

Yani is a 400 BP character build using RAW, arsenal, and unwired. I am able to convert him into a karmagen, 350BP, or 450 BP as per request of the GM.

Race: Elf, 180 BP in stats, 134 BP in skills, 10 BP in positive qualities, and 10 BP in negative qualities. He is able to handle the physical realm, so we are not talking about an invalid in a bed somewhere, hacking the world. Charisma heavy technoshaman hybrid. Follow this link for the full character sheet.

Streetname: Cast
Metatype: Human
Archetype: Mage
Gender: Male
Status: Looking for work
Availability: Anytime
Location: Seattle, UCAS

Will build the character and post his sheet soon.  Reading Street Magic right now and purchasing Arsenal today.  Will create sooner if work is available.  

Torro Rojo Willing to relocate for work

Archetype is Street Samurai\Assult Team. I can post 3+ a week.

Character Build 400BP Ork build 180 Stats, 130 skills, 46 gear, 19 in contacts, 20 in postive quailties, and 15 in Negative quailties using all books.  Did Use Twelve limit on my gear.

Will send resume(character Sheet) if intrested.


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